Every year, the same question arises as we approach the end of the year: where to celebrate the new year? And if you trust the stars to know the perfect place to wake up? In a trendy bar, in a chalet in the mountains, in a privatized spa, at the other end of the world … Discover where you should make the new year according to your astrological sign!

1. The Aries:

When it comes to organizing the new year party, you are not very complicated. But you have only one condition: you want to dance until the end of the night! Festivities organized outdoors in the city or party in nightclub, that’s enough to delight you to spend the last evening of the year!

2. The Bull:

Gourmet dishes in abundance, good bottles of wine, board games and cheerful animations … Here are all the ingredients for a successful New Year’s Eve party. And beyond a good table, you especially want to be surrounded by your loved ones! And to do this, what better than a Christmas Eve in the mountains in a cosy cottage?

3. The Gemini:

Fans of evenings where the crowd invades the space, you see the New Year’s party as another opportunity, to have fun with your friends and meet new people. Why not go for organized parties to satisfy your insatiable curiosity and have a good time?

4. Cancer:

The new Year? You are of those who see this new turning point as a constraint. And you have no desire to find yourself in the middle of strangers for this evening. A simple meal with your family or surrounded by your closest friends is enough for you. In the restaurant or at home, you do not mind but you prefer an intimate place!

5. The Lion:

For New Year’s Eve, you see things in a big way. For you, it’s an opportunity to take out your best outfit and go to the coolest places! Evening organized on a barge, in a chic restaurant or the latest trendy bar … No doubt, you want to put the package for the new year!

6. The Virgin:

Nothing makes you feel more uncomfortable than the noisy festivities of New Year’s Eve parties. For you, the ideal evening is spent in a small committee in an apartment or a house. At home or a friend’s house, it does not matter, as long as you can talk without shouting!

7. The Balance:

An evening for the new year? Yes, but only if you can put yourself on your 31 and the place is refined! Needless to say, the noisy bars where alcohol is flowing do not interest you. You, you are rather like to go to a ball-style evening where elegance is a master word!

8. The Scorpion:

With you, it’s all or nothing! Either you want adrenaline, or you yearn for calm. If this year, you turn to the first option, go to a party organized in an unusual place like a church or an abandoned warehouse. If it’s the second option that’s on your mind, just plan a romantic or closed party.

9. Sagittarius:

Your reputation is second to none, you are the adventurer of the Zodiac! Why not take advantage of this festivity to see what’s happening elsewhere. And because you are attached to your surroundings, offer them to accompany you. What an unforgettable evening!

10. Capricorn:

A conventional meal with the people you love. This is what you will do with your new year. It must be said, you see New Year’s Eve as a commonplace day. And headline to say that you are not the type to go out inbox … An evening by the fire with good small dishes will satisfy you amply!

11. The Aquarius:

Sign of all the eccentricities, you are of those who improvise the new year. It may even be that you leave alone at the last minute on the other side of the world. And if you prefer to stay with your loved ones, you will convince them to spend an unusual evening in a castle or the middle of nature. In short, you can’t do like everyone else!

12. The fish:

For New Year’s Eve, you only have one idea in mind: to make you happy and to be with your loved ones. And this year, you want an intimate and atypical setting where you can sip your cocktails and share a good time with your most faithful friends. A private evening in a spa will fill you with happiness!


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