How do you feel during a competition? Do you have the rage to conquer or fear in your stomach? The study of the stars can be revealing about your competitive spirit. All you have to do is refer to your astrological sign to find out more about how you handle the clashes. So, what type of competitor are you?

1. Aries:

We could say that you were born for the competition. And especially when it concerns a sport. It must be said, nothing but the prospect of a victory makes you vibrate. And if, unfortunately, you do not get the desired results, you are a bad loser. In short, you pay only for the win!

2. Bull:

Unless your life (or that of a loved one) depends on it, you do not see the point of confronting others! And as it does not happen, you do not stress with that. Whether sport, a game, a professional or personal challenge, for you, the important thing is to participate!

3. Gemini:

You like competition. Yes, but the intellectual competition! It is thanks to your audacity, your cunning and your agility that you always come out. Anyway, you like competitions for moments of sharing with others. And if you lose, you will not do a whole thing …

4. Cancer:

The competition? Very little for you! Indeed, just hear that word, you’re paralyzed! How to explain it? Because you are afraid of losing, of disappointing and of not just being up to it. So to avoid any anxiety, you prefer to do nothing!

5. Lion:

You are the king of the jungle so needless to say you have that in your blood. You like to impress others and want to be the best in all areas. But, you know, it’s impossible. So to avoid possible humiliation, you take care to choose the competitions for which you are sure to excel!

6. Virgo:

Methodical competitor, you are the type to take more time than the others for the preparations. And often, it pays! In any case, your biggest rival at a competition is you! And for good reason, you are extremely demanding of yourself. So, remember that perfection does not exist!

7. Balance:

With you, everything depends on the stake! When you think it’s worth it, you’re a formidable competitor. Your analytical mind always allows you to be one step ahead of your opponent. And if you do not feel concerned, you move on!

8. Scorpion:

Admit it, you are a bad loser. Of course, you are ready for anything to win. And it is, without doubt, the manipulative side that makes you an excellent strategist. One thing is certain, you have no mercy for the other participants! So beware of those who dare to challenge you …

9. Sagittarius:

You love to win but you do not hate to lose. If it happens to you, you will still keep your pretty smile. That’s why you can qualify as a very good player. You have fun and it’s always a pleasure to watch you!

10. Capricorn:

No doubt, you are an outstanding competitor. Determined, but especially ultra-tough, you do not let go until the last minute of the competition. Your weak point? As a solitary Astro sign, you never listen to others and prefer to rely on yourself …

11. Aquarius:

Competition is not your thing. However, there is something that inspires you in a competition … You like to take advantage of your creativity to participate originally. In other words, you never do what others do. You win, so much the better, you lose, too bad! The main thing is that you had fun!

12. Fish:

To measure oneself to others? You do not understand the interest and it makes you feel uncomfortable. All the more, if you are forced to do it! And often you lose all your means. In a few words, the competition is not made for you and there is no harm in that!


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