From one family to another, relationships between brothers and sisters are not alike. Some are very protective and benevolent while others jealousy and bicker. In any case, we have all our vision of siblings. And you, what is yours? Find out which brother/sisters are you according to your astrological sign …

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Aries: the independent

Of an individualistic nature, Aries can sometimes be distant with his brothers and sisters. He tends to emancipate early and want to impose his way of doing things to his family members. The good news? It brings dynamism and good mood every day!

Bull: the protector

Very attached to his family, Taurus sees his brothers and sisters as benchmarks. It’s simple, he needs to have them close to him to feel good. Growing up, he rarely spends a week without seeing them. Generally speaking, he is a very protective family member.

Gemini: the happy luron

In a family, Gemini is the most curious and open child. It is often he who initiates games and activities. With his crazy ideas, he stimulates his brothers and sisters and pushes them to surpass themselves! The only downside? It is not very demonstrative!

Cancer: the sensitive

For the native of the sign of Cancer, nothing more important than the family! Forcibly, he has strong ties with his brothers and sisters. Be that as it may, he is an extremely sensitive individual who needs to be pampered by his family. Watch out for whims!

Lion: the dominant

By being small, the Lion sees his relations with his brothers and sisters as fraternal rivalries. Indeed, it is a sign that needs to feel itself to exist with others and that has an irresistible need to dominate. Growing up, the Lion shows himself as an ultra generous and loyal brother or sister.

Virgin: the discreet

In family as in life in general, the Virgin is rather discreet. In spite of her modest side of feelings, she is the first to want to render a service to the members of her family. So even if it is not always visible, the Virgin is very attached to her brothers and sisters.

Libra: the pacifist

In her family, Libra makes it a point of honour that everyone gets along well. Whether she is a child or an adult, she has a horror of conflict and always favours tenderness and affection for complications. With her, her siblings can relax and enjoy family life.

Scorpio: the excessive

With his excessive temper, the Scorpion loves or hates. With his brothers and sisters, he can maintain powerful links as destructive. He can get on well with one of his family and hate another. With him, it’s simple, it goes or it breaks!

Sagittarius: the turbulent

When he is little, Sagittarius is the family’s trainer. It is he who does all the nonsense and who trains his brothers and sisters in all his adventures. Growing up, he keeps his child’s soul and despite his solitary soul, he still shares so much tenderness with his family.

Capricorn: the mature

From an early age, Capricorn is an individual a little apart. It is a lonely child who likes to lock himself in his room to go about his business. He is a more mature child than normal. Forcibly, it is a brother or a sister a little moralist.

Aquarius: the contrarian

With its anti-conformist character, the little Aquarius does nothing like the others. Very young, he is waiting for emancipation. Although he loves his brothers and sisters, he does not necessarily feel the need to see them regularly. His philosophy? Be free!

Fish: the altruistic

With its brothers and sisters, the Fish maintains fusional links. But his sensitivity plays him many tricks … If one of the family members comes into conflict with him, he could get sick. The Fish (even if it is the elder) must be pampered to feel good with his brothers and sisters!

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