Gemini ,complicated they tell you, because they have not put a second in your shoes. Because your character can scare many, but few have any idea of ​​what is behind it. Do not waste time on what is not worth it, focus on yourself, on the people who love you, you are not here to please anyone. Gemini continues like this, you have many goals to meet and thousands of mouths to shut up. 

Gemini have the gift of duality, you are the same Sun as Moon, if there is someone who has a sweet and sour side, without a doubt it is you. Okay, you don’t have to change just because few can stand your shine. You have a hard time giving yourself up, trusting new friends, new loves, new jobs.

Gemini keep it up, you have many goals to meet 

And it is not that you are insecure, it is that life has made you cautious, life taught you that sometimes you have to lock your emotions, so as not to give weapons to those who want to see you fail. However, you are a chameleon, you have the gift of being like the humidity and appropriating every space around you.

Keep it up, you don’t have to forgive everyone, walk away if someone doesn’t fill your life anymore. Being considerate has led many to abuse your nobility and the worst thing is that they then point to you as the bad guy. Forgive yourself for demanding so much of yourself, because many times you have thought about the rest, before you.

Geminis do not discharge your energy on people who do not deserve it, on whom they have taken care of filling you with a bad vibe, with hurtful comments, with looks that are not forgotten. You are shutting up thousands of mouths and that is worth more than everything, because even if it is not your goal, you feel like it, because you have the gift of making gold everything you touch.

Gemini, the time has come to give everyone what they deserve, it is not revenge, it is justice. It may cost you a few tears, you may miss certain people, but after a while you will feel that much needed calm. That is when you are going to value being you, that being that often runs away from everything because it needs its space.

Gemini you are a leader, do not forget, around you there are hundreds who admire your steps. So the next time you give one, make it strong, make it firm, because you will no longer mistrust your full potential. Fight until you can no longer, until fatigue tells you to stop, but do not put aside your dreams, run after them and jump every stone on the way.

Gemini, you have the power in your hands, you can change what you propose. Today is the time for the world to see your best version, today you can caress your wounds and pick up some pieces. Let no one tell you that you cannot speak loudly, let no one make fun of your opinion, let no one tell you that you cannot. Because life is everything but a plan and if there is someone who knows how to deal with improvised storms, that is you Gemini, look up! That you already downloaded it a long time.


Gemini Still Like This, You Have Many Goals To Meet And Thousands Of Mouths To Shut Up

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