Full Moon On February 16, 2022: You Should And Shouldn’t Do That

A full moon is a lunar phase that occurs when the moon and sun face each other. Full moons are traditionally associated with times of harvest, culmination, and the end.

The full moon calls us to release the negative or stagnant energy. The light of the moon shows what needs to be addressed and urges us to take action to eliminate or correct what we are faced with.

It’s a good time to bring all the toxic dirt in our lives to the surface so we can finally do a deep clean. Consider it a cosmic deep cleansing of your heart.

The full moon will light up the sky on February 16, 2022, and provide special cosmic vibes. All zodiac signs can use this opportunity to purify themselves spiritually. For this, it is important to know the commandments of the full moon that appears at this time.


1. Review your goals

This full moon is a good time to check in with ourselves on the progress we are making toward our current goals. Are we sticking to healthier habits? Are we up to our responsibilities?

Have we taken any steps to make our dreams a reality? If not, the moon will bring us the focused boost of energy we need to get back on track.

Review your goals now and adjust them if they don’t align with your values ​​or get you where you want to be. Also, check if you are taking the right steps to get to your goals.

2. Stop clinging to bad habits

This full moon is also the prime time in the lunar cycle to release energy from our lives – so take advantage of this spectacle’s cleansing abilities and use them to break bad habits.

It’s an ideal time to clear out the clutter and create order in your life. You are allowed to be emotional now and let your feelings run free because that is all part of the plan and the cleansing. 

If you’re trying to curb an unhealthy vice or coping mechanism and get rid of a toxic relationship or pattern of behavior, this is a good time to do so. You can do everything you can now to commit to making long-term changes in your behavior to make your life better and, most importantly, healthier.

3. Focus on your health and personal hygiene

This Full Moon represents things like health, well-being, and purity – and it will compel you to examine your lifestyle and daily routines from a more pragmatic, holistic point of view.

If you’re experiencing a little burnout and are in any way neglecting yourself or losing sight of your work-life balance, it will be pretty obvious by now what you need to do. 

Use this full moon as an excuse to improve self-care and make some empowering, feel-good changes in your lifestyle. This will give you a better orientation in life and you will be able to return to your tasks with more drive and energy. There’s no point in continuing to work if you’re not doing well. You will be able to accomplish more when your mind is clear.

4. Never ignore the emotional baggage you carry with you

You are now at a point where you should control your emotional baggage. You’ve been carrying it around with you for too long and it weighs on you in all areas of your life. This full moon is detail-oriented and perceptive, and aligning with this mood will help us see our problems with crystal clarity. 

Instead of trying to ignore your problems, be practical and approach the problems from a logical, informed perspective. Carrying around all this emotional baggage will slow you down and eventually it will keep you from your goals.

If necessary, try to talk to your loved ones about your affairs and let them know how you’re feeling. It can help reflect your inner world and put the feelings into words.

5. Be open to changing your plans

As you know, this full moon serves as a reminder to review your current goals and set yourself on the right path. But there might be an element of surprise here. Sudden revelations or changes of heart are possible — but they’re likely to be positive, so be open to them.

You must try to let go of your controlling habit and not control every single element of your plans. Because you can’t. Leave some leeway for some magical twists of fate. If your plans change at short notice, go with the flow and let yourself drift. You will not regret it!

6. Don’t be so self-critical

The full moon energy will look for ways to make things better – but be careful you don’t become your own worst critic. Full moons tend to illuminate things.

And this Full Moon will highlight any issues in your relationships, your emotional life, and your daily routines that need to be fixed. And some of them you might not like. 

It’s good to acknowledge our mistakes and be aware of things we can improve on, but relax a little. Everyone has imperfections, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

And right now, those things are going to surface especially strongly. Be aware that it’s a lot at once right now and don’t blame yourself. You are allowed to have mistakes. They are a part of you, so try to accept them.


Full Moon On February 16 2022: You Should And Shouldn't Do That

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