Maintain friendship – if you move to another city or country, you have to leave your friends behind – and thus a piece of your happiness. But is friendship at a distance that bad?

It’s a pleasure to see you again

Around 140,000 Germans emigrate every year, many more move to another city – and mostly leave their loved ones behind. This also applies to the best friend. If you have one, consider yourself lucky, because your best friend is always there for you, even in bad times. And best of all: you can always be who you are with her. Not exactly conducive to friendship when you live thousands of miles apart, right? Can be, but also can’t be. Because we think: There are good reasons why a friendship at a distance is sometimes even better!

1. You REALLY need to communicate with each other
Your friends far, far away do not have the privilege of accompanying you on a spontaneous trip to the gym or shopping at the supermarket. And you’re not a stone’s throw away to meet up for Friday happy hour. So that means real “work” to keep in touch with a long-distance friend. You call her when you want to share a nice moment, you send tons of WhatsApps to let her friend take part in your everyday life, and you show her the new pants on Face Time if you can’t wait for your next meeting. The time in which one communicates is scarce and therefore valuable and is therefore used correctly. It’s still real communication, so to speak , precisely because you’re so far away.

2. When you see yourself, it is the absolute highlight.

Do you know that? You may have phoned, written and skyped, but when you see each other it’s the best feeling ever. You could compare it to a long distance relationship. They are excited when the next meeting is approaching and the anticipation almost kills them. Suddenly you have a lot more to tell each other than usual. Reunions with your best friend are simply the best!

3. A distant friend bursts her bubble
It is hard to believe that there is still life outside of her little world, especially when you are in a crisis again and don’t want to leave your apartment anymore. The good thing about a long-distance friend who is not caught in the exact same crisis and moves in a different environment is that she can bring you back to reality and do what best friends do best: be honest with them.

To have someone to write, call, etc. who is not only your best friend, but also has a certain distance from your life. That you ask for advice and can be sure that it is unbiased. You can discuss anything with her, but don’t have to worry that her long-distance friend will get caught between the fronts.

4. It means staying friends at work – and that connects people
That a best friend means work might sound strange. But anyone who has best friends knows it’s true. To have best friends, you have to be a good friend yourself. So if your best friend lives far away, it takes a little commitment to nurture the friendship and to show the friend that their friendship means more to them than an occasional text about their weekend activities or a link under a funny picture on Facebook. And that is really an achievement.

So distance can connect after all! See it positively to have a long-distance girlfriend!


Friendship at a distance: four advantages

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