Couples who spend a lot of time together now also often clash. We found 4 little rituals that are good for every couple

The secret of a happy relationship

Having a loving and healthy relationship doesn’t necessarily mean doing extraordinary things. It’s not about the big steps like buying a house together or exciting adventure vacations, but about the small, everyday things – and respect .

People often complain that they no longer feel like they did during the early stages of the relationship, when you still enjoy doing things for each other and showing your partner that they are special. Where’s that charm? What makes me happy in a relationship? Of course it’s different when you’ve been together for a long time, got used to each other and thingsunconsciously takes it for granted . You no longer have to show your partner that you love them. But that is exactly the secret . Maintaining the relationship after the initial stages are over. Happy couples do one thing right: they adhere to certain rituals .

1. You never leave the house without saying goodbye

It sounds like nothing, but saying goodbye to your partner even if you’re late or have an argument can sweeten your day and add some security to the relationship.

2. They ask “How was your day?”

It is a must to make time for each other every day. Ask your partner how his day was – every day. Many couples take this too lightly, but this ritual is very important for a good relationship. Don’t skip a day, because one day turns into two, then three – and suddenly there are weeks in which you no longer have any idea what is going on in the other’s life. Before you know it, a certain distance has been created. So: show interest! And every now and then, ask your partner this simple question that can save a relationship .

3. They say “I love you”

It is important to say these three words regularly. Even after several years, you give your partner the feeling of being loved and important to you. Some people develop certain complexes that they are not lovable or not good enough for the other. With these simple words, you will keep your partner from moving away from you.

4. They surprise each other

This does not mean expensive gifts or lavish dinners, but simply a kiss on the cheek or a close hug. Small gifts like a post-it with the words “I’m thinking of you” on the breakfast table or a lipstick heart on the mirror let the sparks fly again and the feeling that you are freshly in love comes back

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