Forecast For Love In December 2021 According To Your Sign

We are in the final stretch of 2021. This year has given us a lot to talk about and we are already looking forward to it to be able to turn the page. We have started the month with a lunar eclipse, on the 14th there is another eclipse, this time solar and we end the month on the 30th with a Full Moon in Cancer. In short, it is going to be a month that will give us the good vibes we need to start 2022 on the right foot. You are probably wondering how all that is going to affect your love life. Well, we have all the answers you need. Read on to find out what are the forecasts for love in December according to your sign :


You are going through a time of personal transformation. Love is now in the background, but things are still intense. Mars, your ruling planet and planet of trust, security, and war is in your sign until January 2022. This means that this month you are going to fight to have what you deserve. You’re starting to really value yourself, Aries, and that means you’re on the right track. Be careful because this can make you feel tired and exhausted many times.

In spite of everything, this month you will begin to receive the attention that you have been waiting for for so long. Now you know what you want, you know what you need from that relationship. This month you are not afraid to talk about your complexes, your emotions, what makes you yourself. Regardless of your “marital” status, right now you feel ready for adventure and that is what matters.


This month you will realize that it is important to turn the page to start 2022 free of toxic thoughts. Be careful because this month you may find it difficult to distinguish a little between what is real and what is a fiction of your imagination. Watch out for high expectations, Taurus … Be very careful.

Christmas can be the perfect excuse to get closer to someone. Although this year may be different, a very different opportunity may arise at the end of the year. To do this, you have to put control aside. Try to get carried away a little more. You do not know how much it can help you to find a partner. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, December comes to give you some advice: it’s time to change what you thought was forever.


Start the month with a lunar eclipse in your sign, which will give you energy for a while. Your relationships are going through a time of change, Gemini. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you feel excited. Perhaps it has not been the best year for your love life and you know it, but everything you have lived has made you bond much more with your friends. You have learned a lot and now you are going to take stock of all this. This month you will want to show your love in another way. Instead of under the covers, you are going to make an effort to show that person that you will always be there.

Starting on the 14th, with the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, your love life takes a turn. Cupid has surprises in store for you. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, something will happen this month that will excite you a lot. Are wedding bells ringing, Gemini? Or maybe you will take the step to find your love nest?


At the beginning of the month, Cancer, you will feel a bit between a rock and a hard place. There is a lot of tension built up in your body and you will only find two ways to get rid of it: in bed or arguing. It may be a good month when it comes to love, but you have to be careful. Respect the limits and try not to argue more than necessary. The vibes of Venus in Scorpio can play a trick on you …

After that first half of the month, Cancer, you will feel the blockages disappear. If you have felt that your relationship with your crush has been a bit stagnant, little by little it will pick up the pace. In the middle of the month, you will feel how everything flows. It is important that you take time to reflect on all the lessons that Cupid has given you this year, Cancer. To know what you want from 2022, you first have to know what you have learned from 2021.


You feel on top of the world, Leo, and that’s thanks to the vibes of the Sagittarius season. December is going to be a good month for you if you know how to channel all that energy. Do not be afraid to face the truth, both yours and that of others. If you are not yet ready to take that step, to commit, don’t do it, but be honest with your partner. You have many other things in mind, Leo, and for you, that is now in the background.

With the solar eclipse on the 14th in Sagittarius, a new love adventure can arise. This eclipse will make the attraction to a certain person appear out of nowhere. Also, it may bring unexpected news related to the arrival of a baby. Don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be for you, but if you’re looking for it, it will be a good month to find it. Enjoy what Cupid has in store for you this month.


You feel a bit drained from all those changes that have occurred in your life in the last few weeks. The truth is that love right now is not one of your priorities. This month the only love that matters is your own, Virgo. Do not hesitate to invest part of your time in taking care of yourself, in giving yourself that whim you need, in being with yourself.

Still, Cupid has things in store for you too. If you are in a relationship, Venus in Scorpio until the 15th will make you have very deep conversations with your partner. Conversations in which the worst of you will come out. But it is a good thing because thanks to this you will realize what your partner needs from you now. If you are single, don’t demand more of yourself than you can give, Virgo. What you need now is to be alone and you know it. Better that than being in bad company.


You feel the need to make a decision in your love life, Libra. You need a change and you are willing to do whatever it takes to add excitement to your life. There is a person with whom something could have happened but it never happened that does not stop appearing in your mind. Sometimes you think that everything is being your imagination, but this month you will begin to see how that person sends you the occasional hint through social networks. Libra, first of all, this month be very careful with your expectations.

In the middle of the month, on the 15th when Venus enters Sagittarius, your most sociable side awakens. You want to enjoy love, but without compromise. You will need mental stimulation. If you are in a relationship, you will feel the need to ask your partner to add a touch of fun to yours.


With Venus in your sign until the 15th, Scorpio, you feel how your relationships flow as you like. You are in a moment when you feel comfortable just as you are. You are realizing that all relationships are based on a 50/50. Thanks to this, your relationships are at the healthiest point they have ever been. This month you want to enjoy yourself, you want to let yourself go, you want to give the best of yourself, but you also hope to receive the best of others.

This month you’re going to take a break from love-related dramas. If you are single, it is obvious that you are looking for a person who fills your heart, but this month you are fleeing from unwanted people. You don’t mind being left alone as long as you prevent another idiot from coming to tell you stories that are lies.


You are in a moment of your life, Sagittarius, in which you are turning everything negative into positive. This year, your love life has gone through very difficult times. You could have been in the deep end, in the absolute mess, but you yourself have done everything you can to not be. This month you are going to feel proud of yourself because this has been hard, but at the same time, it has been a lesson.

Venus in your sign from the 15th awakens your most passionate and fiery side. Between that and Mars being in Aries, your libido will be on fire. To such an extent that you can commit more than one madness in order to put out your inner fire. You can be at a crossroads. You are not going to let anyone tie you down, but you will need someone to cure your thirst for passion.


This month you have to be much kinder to yourself. Before releasing his arrow again, Cupid asks you to focus as much as possible on self-love. On the other hand, if you have a partner, you will feel the need to give good love, healthy love to the other person. This month you want to feel loved, Capri, but the first love you should receive is your own.

Venus in Scorpio until the 15th makes you really want to let off steam with your partner but on the other hand you feel the need to have much more space to do whatever you want. If you are single, this month is the time to make a list of everything you are looking for in another person. Little by little, you will manifest to the universe what you want so much.


This month, more than ever, you want to enjoy your independence. Opportunities more desired than romantic may arise, Aquarius, and you may find yourself at a crossroads. Feel free to indulge your body. Now what you need is to enjoy without feelings involved. You have had enough already in 2021 as now to let someone else break your heart again.

This month your family and friends take priority over love. From the 15th, when Venus enters Sagittarius, you will need independence and autonomy. Of course, Aquarius, do not forget to be sensitive with yours, especially at this time. From time to time, it doesn’t hurt to be a little sensitive. Come on, if you are looking forward to receiving that wardrobe …


This month you will feel that you have to make a decision. There are two directions and you have to choose only one of them. Maybe at times of overwhelm and stress with yourself, but calm down, Pisces. Think that now your heart is at stake and you have to try not to put it in danger again. This month you have to force yourself to find time for yourself, to think, to clear up all the unknowns.

Things can change when Venus enters the 15th in Sagittarius. From that day on you will run away from all the people or things that pressure you. You may receive that message that you have been waiting for for so long. But be careful because you may misinterpret what that person wants to tell you or imagine other things that are not. This month, force yourself to listen to the words as they are. Focus on what others are saying.


Forecast For Love In December 2021 According To Your Sign

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