For This Reason, Your Best Friend Did Not Like You, And Now He Doesn’t See Life Without You

Your Best Friend Did Not Like You

For This Reason, Your Best Friend Did Not Like You, And Now He Doesn’t See Life Without You

They say that the best friendships begin precisely when you meet that person and seeing them even turns your stomach. Let’s say there’s something about her that you can’t stand and you’re an expert at finding her flaws. But, you see what they say out there, what shocks you, checks you, and precisely what you don’t want to see in yourself, the other is reflecting you with all the brilliance in the world. This is how it happens when you know the true essence of the other person, you realize that they fit perfectly. This is why your best friend disliked you and now he can’t see life without you. 


The first time your best friend saw you, he thought that he would never speak to you in his life and that if he did, it was only for a short time. He did not tolerate your impulsive side, the way in which you steal glances and he assumed that you did everything to get attention. However, as a matter of fate, it ended up being part of your days and once he raised his shell he realized that you are not aggressive or cold, it’s just that there are times when you have to pretend so that they don’t harm you at will. . Now, he knows that you are not only sensitive, but also funny, and above all, loyal. For Aries, friendship is not a game and they value it.


Undoubtedly, the first thing your best friend thought when he saw you, is that you are the same bitterness-made person. That’s it. You have a very peculiar way of living with the rest. For you to really show yourself without filters, you need to feel comfortable, to be sure that whatever you say or do, will stay in that place. Well, you do not tolerate bickering. In addition, you can seem very shy, one of those people who only have fun internally and who prefer not to live with strangers. It’s just a little bit of time for you to prove that you are much more than all that clutter of appearances. Your best friend discovered that you are brave, interesting and very reliable. That makes you one of his favorite people, and without a doubt, he would not change you for anything. Taurus, that’s the reason your best friend disliked you and now can’t see life without you. 


There are people who are definitely in charge of improving us every day, and then there is Gemini, who is capable of filling us with shine, inspiration, with the desire to break with everything conventional. When his best friend first met this sign, he stayed away, because he had the idea that he is just someone who is fickle, who does not know loyalty, and who is capable of leaving you when you need him most. It’s hard for Gemini, having to deal with that bad reputation, but the truth is that he no longer has time to keep quiet. Now, he stays with the people who really matter, with those who fill him with life, with peace, and that’s when he shows himself without fear. At that time his friends no longer see life without a Gemini.


The bad thing about the soft character of a Cancer is that people assume that they are always available, that they want to help everyone, and that anyone can come into their world, shake it up and then leave as if nothing had happened. People judge them as unstable and minimize their emotions when in reality they have never taken the time to put themselves in their shoes. Cancer does not victimize itself, it is simply no longer willing to shut up about what bothers anyone. When his friend discovered so much bravery on his part, he realized that he is the kind of person he wants by his side. The people he would put his hands in the fire for because he knows that no matter what happens, they would never betray him. That is the Cancer of his life.


The selfish, the one who wants to shine above anything. When it comes to saying something bad about Leo, people fill their mouths. It’s amazing the way they validate the opinion of those who don’t even know him. Leo is used to being told that at first, they didn’t like him very much, because they hadn’t really taken the time to get to know him. His best friend discovered that behind that meaningless reputation, there is a loving, faithful, charming, and hard-working being. That is Leo, the friend who is capable of doing anything for those he loves and will not allow you to live your sorrows alone. On the contrary, he is the one who has the gift of stealing a smile from you when everything is going well and hugging you when things get tough.


Never say I won’t drink that water, because even if a part of you says that you don’t fit in at all with the perfectionist and obsessive personality of a Virgo, you don’t know how life turns around. Most people look at Virgo and assume he is controlling, they wouldn’t want to have such a bossy person around them. But… once they give themselves the opportunity to go further, they discover that it is much more than that. If Virgo tells you things it is for your good, he does not say it just to say it, the many times that his intuition has saved him from bad moments, is proof that the only thing he wants is the best for the person he loves and when he is about a friend, he’s no exception, he wants to see him shine. Virgo, that’s why your best friend disliked you and now he can’t see life without you. 


The problem with Libra is that he’s too attractive, so that’s enough for him to be labeled as a snooty person when really he’s just enjoying the moment. Of course, he is not given to smiling with anyone, he really is very selective and enjoys setting one limit after another. When his best friend met him, he believed that he was the most arrogant person on the planet, the one who does not know about matters of the heart and only cares about his vanity. However, once he dived in deep, he realized that Libra is a sweetheart, he is the type of friend who does not let go of you, does not judge you, and also does what is in his hands to help you. see you succeed With Libra you can have one of those friendships that break with time and distance.


If Scorpio were to keep track of all the people who didn’t like him at first, and they paid him for it, without a doubt, he would already be a millionaire. And it is that the way in which he unfolds makes many end up fleeing, long before starting a conversation. Well, he seems like the kind of tough person who doesn’t touch his heart when someone hurts him and when it comes to having fun he knows no limits. Let’s say that before you think that he can be part of the list of your friends, you pray that he does not become your enemy. Please! Do not exaggerate, Scorpio is not pure evil, he is not waiting for someone to look at him ugly to attack. Once they really get to know him, they discover that he is very emotional and that only the one who breaks him in the worst way will know the darkest side of him.


The way in which Sagittarius scares is very curious, because it overflows with so much energy, that they do not want to approach it thinking that it will reject them. Their personality is distinguished for miles, they have the gift of connecting with anyone and when it comes to getting carried away in the conversation, nobody stops them, they really know about all the topics. When his best friend saw him for the first time, he thought that he would not even end up talking to someone like that, but once he had the time to break the barrier, he discovered that behind the optimistic and happy appearance, all the time, he also hides. a soul that only seeks peace, a companion of secrets, adventures, and fears. A person you want to see until the last breath.


The one with the face of a few friends seems to be doing the world a favor with his presence. That is what many think of Capricorn, without having any idea that his seriousness is due to the many things that go through his head. He’s not unfriendly, he’s not expecting to stir up a stir with anyone, it’s just that he’s not given to hypocrisy and if he doesn’t feel comfortable in one place, it shows in every pore. His best friends are the ones who thought that such a person would only ruin their circle, but in reality, they discovered the joker Capricorn, the one who breaks all kinds of expectations, the brave, the funny one, and the one who gives you the confidence to tell him anything. . Of course, always with the best advice.


If there is someone who honors that of not speaking ill of anyone, it is the best way to speak well of yourself, it is undoubtedly Aquarius. A sign of the mystery surrounds it because you cannot decipher it at first. People who meet him at first wonder if he is quiet, shy, too laid back, or even indifferent. However, as time progresses you realize that he is very picky, he prefers a thousand times not to have friends, than to surround himself with those who only approach him for a particular reason. Aquarius is not always in a good mood, like everyone else, the problem is that he does not keep it to himself, because he does not want to look good with anyone. That for his best friend is transparency, the kind of honest friendship that anyone values. Aquarius, that’s the reason your best friend disliked you and now can’t see life without you. 


Honestly, Pisces is not the best conversationalist in the world, he is not given the to start connecting with people, on the contrary, he has the gift of going unnoticed in everything. It’s not that they think it’s a bad vibe, far from it, they just don’t take it into account at first, because he doesn’t have the confidence to let himself go. You can be friendly, intuitive, and very formal, for the rest. So they kind of put up a barrier before they let him in. But once they take the time to really get to know him, they regret not talking to him sooner, because they discover what the true meaning of love is, within the friendship. Pisces gives them back their inspiration, that imaginative, fun touch, and the embrace of ingenuity that we all need from time to time. That is why their friendship is valued so much.

For This Reason Your Best Friend Did Not Like You And Now He Doesn't See Life Without You

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