This woman always ends up in almost relationships. In relationships where only messages are exchanged with men, in broken relationships – but that is not their fault.

She gets screwed over and over again because she is 100% involved in a relationship, but nobody gives her back at least part of it. 

When she finds someone with whom she can imagine a future, she uses all her energy, but instead of appreciating it and returning the gesture, the men only take advantage of her nice behaviour. They think this means that they can just use them that way. That they can escape their messages, make a half-hearted effort, and still think that they will still stay close.

But her soft heart should not be confused with low standards. She still has expectations of men with whom she spends time. However, she understands that everyone makes mistakes, everyone has to carry their bundle, and she tries to take this into account.

She is the kind of woman who sees the best in people. She ignores her broken pieces and focuses on what is left. That is why she makes so many compliments, does so many favours. She always tries to be a positive light in this dark world.

Unfortunately, their friendliness can be perceived as compulsive. It may look like she is clingy, desperate, and needs a man’s attention. But that is not the reality.

Because all she’s trying to do is be nice. She tries to make a bad guy realize his worth. She believes in spreading happiness and promoting positivity. The only thing she wants is to make a smile, no confusion or tears.

She’s always kidding because she’s an emotional daredevil. She is always ready to take risks in the name of love. She takes time for someone who is important to her. Clear out her own life to make room for a man and let him into every corner of her life.

However, most men are not interested in exploring their souls. They are only interested in their bodies and always keep them at a distance. And when the first problem arises, they always run away.

But she’s the kind of person who wants to fix what’s broken instead of calling it a lost cause. She has too much hope to give up a good thing.

She’s being kidnapped all the time because she never stops.

She never stops loving. Never stop worrying. Never stop trying.

It is always the other person who leaves them. This ends with something that could have been special.

But she is not ashamed of her soft heart. She knows that men have abused it in the past and will try to do it again in the future, but she is smarter now. It is more choosy.

Now she senses when someone wants to take advantage of their warmth and when someone really appreciates everything they have to offer. So she’ll try to be more careful. She will save her love for someone who deserves it.

And most of all, she knows that this man is out there waiting for her.

Maybe they won’t meet in the near future, but she knows that his heart is as soft as the one that beats in her.


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