Constant ups and downs of emotions can be very exhausting. Unfortunately, these zodiac signs have to be prepared for it from September 13th to 19th

This week, the stars ensure a constant high-low change in these signs of the zodiac

Sometimes it goes great, then suddenly everything collapses, only to then miraculously fall into place again – what a mess! Unfortunately, three zodiac signs have to deal with this in the week of September 13th to 19th. But don’t worry, everything will be fine in the end!


The fire sign starts the new week motivated and will be able to advance some projects. The chances are good that Aries can expand his network and organize one or the other business trip. He manages to put aside disputes with the family and look ahead. But from September 14th, when Mars moves into the constellation of Libra, everything seems to go down the drain. Dissatisfaction and impatience dominate the thoughts of Aries, he suddenly wants nothing more than more passion in love, which he does not (yet) get. Fortunately, that low will be over by the end of the week, so even single Aries have a better chance of finally meeting the right guy. A true roller coaster ride, but with a happy ending!


Even the emotional Pisces have to be prepared for a turbulent week and unfortunately start unhappy. You are unable to concentrate and try to put off important things. Their negative attitudes can also lead to conflicts with those around them. While good news is brewing in the family, it does not seem to be going well financially for Pisces. But towards the end of the week, the watermark could be rewarded on the job for a successful project, which gives him an enormous boost in motivation and will also have a positive effect on the private life of the fish. Fish hold on, it will pay off!


Similar to its fire ally, the Aries, it also meets the lion in the third week of September. In the beginning everything seems to go like clockwork, especially when it comes to finances and the job. Success seems to fly to the lion. But on September 14th, doubts suddenly clouded the mood of the fire sign. The stars slow the lion down and health problems can even arise. Leo should therefore plan some time for himself until the weekend and shift down a gear. Then the low will be over, he can draw new energy and will find his motivation again. Never put success above health, dear Leo!

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