For These Zodiac Signs A Weekend Of Drama Awaits

A Weekend Of Drama Awaits

For These Zodiac Signs A Weekend Of Drama Awaits

Raise your hands, weekend! Friday is finally here! But while some of us can finally relax now, only drama awaits some zodiac signs in the coming days.

Because there is arguing, blaspheming, and crying.


Virgos are being completely swept up in emotion this weekend – and without warning. You can’t explain it to yourself, but for some reason, even the smallest little things make you burst into tears. Be it in a large group or alone at home: Virgos will feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained in the coming days. Dear Virgos, we know it’s pretty exhausting right now. But this phase will soon pass. And after the outbursts, the clarity and certainty of what was really behind the tears await you.


For Aries, it could get pretty turbulent when it comes to love this weekend. Because especially the single Aries is now faced with a big decision. It’s time to take the next step. Do you give online dating another chance or do you finally have to jump over your shadow and confess your feelings to your crush? Questions over questions that the Aries have to clarify in a short time. But no matter how the Aries decides: Drama is guaranteed. But there is also something good about it. Because as soon as the decision is made, a great liberation follows!


For the Pisces, the weekend can go in two directions: either it will be pretty unspectacular and boring – or the weekend will escalate into drama and adventure! Unfortunately, there is nothing in between for the fish in the coming days – it will be a weekend of extremes! Crucial for this is a single decision that the Pisces have to make on Friday: stay at home or party? It’s up to you to decide, but we’ll give you a tip: not all drama is always bad! Maybe a new big adventure will develop from this.

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