For these reasons, couples split up despite being in love

It is not enough just to love someone to maintain a relationship. And you’re not necessarily happier just because you’re with someone you love. Sometimes couples split up even though they love each other.

Unfortunately, that happens very often. Have you ever had this experience yourself and broken up with someone you still loved?

These breakups are often based on the couple not really being compatible or not communicating well with each other. But maybe it’s also about the fact that the tension and passion have somehow disappeared over time.

Usually, these couples do not suddenly separate. Often it happens slowly. And when it happens, they sometimes find each other again after a while. Sometimes they go through several separations until they finally let go of each other. They find that after so many attempts they finally have to let go because it just doesn’t work anymore. Usually, these separations are particularly painful because love is actually still there.

But why do couples break up at all when they are actually still in love? Here are 5 reasons:

1. A wrong understanding of relationships

A relationship is not about wanting each other and finding them attractive. Love is not the glue that holds everything together. You cannot overcome everything with her and thus stay with a partner forever and be happy for the rest of your life. 

In a relationship, it’s all about wanting to understand the other and establishing a connection with their reality. If this is not there, then people separate even though they actually still feel for the other. You want to put an end to the recurring suffering and finally let it go, but keep falling back into the old pattern. After all, you love your partner, and then suddenly you have the hope that love will take care of everything. You try again and again to find that it doesn’t work. And since they don’t know any other way, they just part at some point. 

2. Different goals in life

Often we choose a person because different reasons give us the reason to do so. Most of the time, it is attraction and chemistry that ultimately ensure that two people become a couple. In that case, the two are perhaps the happiest couple of them all, but if one of them has certain goals that the other doesn’t have or cannot support, there will be a gap between the two that can and grow over time eventually, leads to the couple breaking up. Maybe one of the two would like to own an expensive car while the other would rather travel the world. At first, the couple may be good at handling these differences, but over time it will automatically become more difficult.

Compromise is key here. If this love is worth fighting for, then it is certainly worth finding a middle ground in which the aspirations of both partners can be taken into account. If the goals are too far apart, then unfortunately there is sometimes no way around a separation.

3. Little understanding for one another

If the couple understands each other, then both will try to empathize with the other. In many love relationships, however, this is not the case. Both partners strongly insist on their own needs and don’t want to give in a bit. If neither tries to understand the other, there will be no understanding in the relationship in the end and neither will either feel understood. How is that supposed to last for a long time? It is not uncommon for couples to split up at this point, although they still feel love for one another.

4. Lack of appreciation

Again, this is a common reason couples break up. When there is no longer any appreciation in the relationship and everything seems natural, the relationship will become severely stressed. The small gestures, the efforts of the other person, and all the lovely words are simply no longer noticed properly.

In a healthy relationship, the awareness of both partners is very important. But unfortunately, it often subsides over time. If the couple fails to maintain this appreciation and appreciation from the start, there may well be a breakup at some point.

5. Communication problems

Both partners need to be able to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, values, needs, frustrations, and joys. Sometimes couples avoid speaking honestly with each other and hide their real selves, which doesn’t always lead to a breakup, but it doesn’t strengthen their bond either!

Communication is very important in any relationship. It’s not just about being able to express yourself well and being open, but also about being able to listen to others. Unfortunately, poor communication is a very common reason for a breakup, even though the couple is actually still in love.

Professional and social problems can also play a role. Infidelity and jealousy can cause doubts in any partnership and sooner or later also lead to a breakup. Sometimes it is hard to understand why couples break up when the love is still present in their partnership. The fact is that love alone is not enough and that more is needed to be able to have a healthy and happy relationship.


For these reasons, couples split up despite being in love

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