For all 12 zodiac signs: The great December happiness horoscope

In December, too, you can mark your particularly beautiful days in the calendar when luck is on your side! We’ll tell you exactly what these are now.

Whether on a first date, viewing an apartment, or for an important job interview: For some things in life you just need a little bit of luck so that everything goes as you imagine it. And that’s exactly why you should definitely take a look at our happiness horoscope for all 12 signs of the zodiac! Here we tell you two days on which you will get a lot of support from the universe. One thing is clear: these days everything is possible for your zodiac sign – from positive surprises to great successes, you can look forward to everything and get ready!

Better luck in December: Your zodiac sign is the luckiest these days

Just click through the picture gallery and find out which lucky days your respective zodiac sign should definitely note! 

Horoscope Capricorn: You have decided on something important and are still looking for a suitable date for it? Those born in Capricorn have luck on their side on December 9th and December 17th!

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