First Date Mistakes

In the life of every woman there is a place for memories of the first date. For example, for my whole life I remembered how forcibly forced myself to put on lilac green peas with shaggy fleece to meet with an overly s*xy young man grandmothers in order to avoid the development of our relations too quickly.

Of course, not every first date is so enchanting and “vicious”. It often happens that a young man, to put it mildly, loses his photo on the lumumba dot com site, cannot connect two words, hesitates, shifting from one foot to another and foolishly smiles at his thoughts, which are striving for prostration. We will not consider such cases for now, pretending that they do not exist. Suppose we have studied the relationship between a man and a woman, far and wide, and now we have in front of us a typical prince who wants to be corny from all sides.

Mistake number one. clothing

Even if Tarot Lenormand is predicted to give us an absolutely delightful and unprecedented first date, you don’t have to dress up for him as an appointment with Queen Elizabeth. Hairpins and a cocktail dress are good for the place and for the time, but not for a walk, for example, on the paving of Red Square. A high heel, of course, will decorate you and give even more elegance to a thin ankle, however, if a date involves long walking, wear optimally comfortable shoes to relieve the musculoskeletal system and not distract the bright brain from clever thoughts.

Mistake number two. Forbidden topics

A prince is not a girlfriend, one should not guess for love in order to understand that it’s better not to brag about his former victories over other princes, to tell stories about former men. Even if these stories are funny to colic in the stomach. By the way, if your relationship goes beyond the first date and goes into the second and third – you never say anything about the former and don’t say anything, as if they did not exist in nature. Remember: a small talk with a new man is fundamentally different from the consultation of your therapist. If you don’t know how to fill in the pause, ask the young man a question about his hobbies. For example, round-the-world ballooning, practicing vocals, further down the list.

Mistake number three. A lot of alcohol

It would be trite to repeat the axiom that “you have to have a bite” and that you don’t “have to interfere with vodka and beer”, lower your degrees and drink more than your norm. Nevertheless, I would like to remind all the girls of the world that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than a sober natural smile and a firm confident gait. Please, at least on the first date, try not to lose control of yourself. Pretend that you are a good girl and know how to keep yourself in the right boundaries without leaving the banks.

Mistake number four. Manners

Even if your companion told an unrealistically funny joke, you don’t need to laugh like a horse at the whole restaurant, while moving under the table and knocking over an elite tea set on oak flooring. Try to moderate your emotions, even if they are sharply positive. You giggle a couple of times in your hand, blush – and enough. Good manners also include the ability to not eat with your hands, wipe your mouth with a napkin, and not swear too loudly … I would also like to warn the girls from the temptation to participate in the contest “who loudest whispers through a cocktail tube” – most likely you will not surpass the man, but the impression spoil yourself forever.

Error number five. Remember your mistakes

Let’s say the first date is over, and you have safely gone home. On the way, in no case should you try to remember where, in what place of the meeting you screwed up, what you said wrong, where you endured a too long pause that led to awkwardness. All this is sheer nonsense, and you should not sleep at night because of it, grinding and isolating words and phrases, not knowing how to overcome the stress of a first date. Sleep is the main secret of female beauty, youth and positive. A positive attitude, in turn, will help you become the happy owner of your prince … with a white horse (if you’re lucky).


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