First Date: According To Your Zodiac Sign The Perfect Place

First Date

First Date: According To Your Zodiac Sign The Perfect Place

A date is coming up and once again you have no idea what to do. Just going for a coffee again or would you rather go to the cinema? We tell you the perfect place for your first date according to your zodiac sign. You really feel good on these dates!


Pisces is dreamy, romantic, and also quite creative. How about a cooking class? You can both really let off steam there, get to know each other better, and get closer to each other easily. Eating connects and cooking together even more so. It is well known that love goes through the stomach!


This zodiac sign likes action. So you can let your spirit of adventure hang out on the first date. The perfect place: the climbing garden, an afternoon in the high rope park, or a stand-up paddle course.


Capricorns like to be around people and love to party. How about taking your date to a fun flat-share party or roaming a club together in the evening? It can also be a bit fancy. You really feel good about it.


Water is your element. It calms you down and you can really be yourself. It’s best to grab your date and spend a day at the lake or find a quiet spot by a river in the countryside.


It’s better to be careful and take things slowly at first – that’s Virgo’s motto. You want to approach your date slowly and just have a look. It’s best to go for a walk on the first date, go eat ice cream and stroll comfortably through the city.


You want to experience adventures. The first date has to be exciting and thrilling. Also, you are absolutely inquisitive. Do an unusual city tour together and discover new corners of the city, or attend an exciting lecture on a topic that really interests you.


Taurus are absolute pleasure-seekers. Whether it’s a fancy restaurant, a hipster breakfast, or just a picnic in the park – when it comes to good food, you’re in your element. So how about a date at a street food festival or a cake tasting at your favorite hipster coffee shop?


You like being in nature. Going hiking on a first date or stargazing together at night sounds perfect to you! Our tip: go to an observatory or spend a day at the zoo.


Libras need harmony. The first date shouldn’t be too exciting. You prefer it classic. So go to the cinema or just go for a coffee – it doesn’t have to be overly adventurous for you. Try an outdoor cinema for a change, it can get pretty romantic.


You are fearless, adventurous, and like to try new things. The amusement park is your second home, so go on a first date where you can have fun and really get out of your head. And what is better for the first attempts to get closer than a ride on the ghost train?


The perfect place for your first date: an exhibition or a visit to a museum. Because you are enthusiastic about culture and constantly want to learn new things. There is a lot to talk about in the museum and you will certainly not get bored!


Leos loves fun and shows. They like going to concerts, the theater, or just really dancing. On the first date, you can socialize with people and you don’t need to hide your wild nature at all. How about a festival or even a dance lesson together?

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