After all, what you have been through is no wonder that you have built the walls around you so big that they are almost impossible to break. But you had no choice. You had to find a way to protect yourself from being hurt again.

The walls inside you are like an invisible, unreachable fortress. They keep you away from those who want to hurt you and who want to bring you grief and pain. They protect your heart and make you feel safe. And while security is beautiful, it also prevents those who might bring joy and happiness into your life finding you.

That’s why you have to be with someone who is going to make the walls collapse. Someone who makes you feel again. Someone who will make you love again.

You will recognize him if he is looking for you. He will make sure you feel safe. He will have a goodness that makes you trust him. He will be the one to open up for the first time in a long time and make him part of your world.

You will never regret it. Because he will show you with his actions, that he is there for you, that he does not go away. That he understands everything you’ve been through. That he understands your weak appearance and why you are so careful.

He will not force you to do anything. He will be patient. Because he will know that you are worth it and no matter how long it takes, he will insist on giving you everything that you have ever needed from a man. He will give you the love you always wanted but never had. This love will crash your walls all by itself before you even realize it.

He will understand every tear that rolled down your face. He will show you that all the pain was not in vain. That all these difficulties have made you the woman most dear to him. You will thank God that no one else has worked and you now know why. You’ll feel that everything in your life – all the wrong men, all those chaotic separations – was worth it because you found in him everything you were looking for and more.

He will be the one who will remind you of your worth. He will have nothing but respect for you and everything you stand for. He will be someone who reminds you how special and unique you are. He will not try to change you. He will never look down on you or make you feel worse. He will consider you as equal. As his accomplice. As his teammate. As someone, he has been looking for all his life.

One thing that will set him apart from everyone else is that he will never stop trying. He will always give as much as he can. He will know that sometimes it is enough to be there. He will not be perfect. He will make mistakes. But you will too. The important thing is that none of you will ever give up.

Building walls gives you security, but it also prevents you from finding the one you always wanted to be with. So if a good man stands in front of this fortress, in front of the high walls that you have built, then let him into your life.

Trust him and open your heart again – it will be worth it.


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