February Love Fortune


During the first half of February, you may feel more interested in focusing and focusing on your career and striving to reach your full potential in this area of ​​your life.
However, disregard work relationships as there may also be room for a little office romance, especially since Venus is conjunct Mars and Pluto in your career tenth house.
Mercury will also conjunct Pluto, so the energy is there to create an environment with an authority figure or someone with a Scorpio vibe using powerful or deep conversations. Don’t be surprised if a strong bond is formed that lasts the whole year and changes your current outlook on life and love.
Because Pluto and Mars are intense energies, they can dominate the softer vibe of Venus, and with Mercury involved, this can lead to interactions that encounter power struggles, overwhelming communication, and even manipulation, domination, and control.
Once Mercury enters Aquarius and the Sun enters Pisces, things will soften, but you can still feel the effects of these power struggles until Venus and Mars transit Aquarius in March.


Venus and Pluto have been in your ninth house since December, so during this time you may have had significant shifts in your outlook, beliefs, and values ​​in general in your life, but perhaps even more so in regards to your view of love and connection…
In February, you will experience this more until Mercury enters Aquarius and your tenth house of career. Venus is slowly recovering her power now that she is direct, but she still feels the powerful effects of Pluto and Mars. Since Venus rules your first house of self, that means February could be a month of recovery, rebirth, and empowerment for you.
The South Node is now in Scorpio, which is your seventh house of relationships, and will remain there until July 2023, so it will be a long transit for you. It can bring past relationships back into your life, and it can also bring out stale or old habits, patterns, and relationship cycles.
This energy can also bring you many soul mates that you have had past lives with, which means there can be karmic issues or lessons brought to the fore. February will be the start of this long transit, so it can be very telling of what you can generally expect during this extended period.


Your eighth house has seen many powerful transits over the past two months, which may have led to a complete inner transformation and the results will begin to be felt in February. With a shift occurring within yourself, it will create a shift in your reality and view of reality, as well as your mental strength and resilience. Since the ruler of your fifth house, Venus, has been retrograde, that means your perspective on love, romance, and what gives you pleasure will also have changed.
So, because of this month of February, you may start to look at love and potential romantic partners with new eyes. You may begin to feel more and more open as the month progresses and as the planets begin to move through your tenth and eleventh houses. Once the Sun enters Pisces and your eleventh house on February 18, where it conjuncts Neptune and Jupiter, the potential for meeting new romantic partners and even new friends will be stronger.


Venus has been retrograde in your seventh house of relationships for the past month, so you may have experienced some changes in your partnerships. Now that Venus, as well as Mercury, are direct, things can begin to calm down and become more balanced. With Mercury still conjunct Pluto in your seventh house, you can still have deep and intense communication with your loved ones.
Although this will gradually change as Mercury enters Aquarius on the 14th. Keep in mind that Venus, Mars, and Pluto are still conjunct in Capricorn in your seventh house, so even though the energy is changing there is still a potential for power struggles and conflict within your relationships.
Once the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th and into your ninth house of higher consciousness, you can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to how you view and interact with your partners.


With the recent changes in the nodes, your family and professional houses will be highlighted for the next year and a half. With the ruler of your tenth house, Venus, being retrograde last month in your sixth house, this means you may have been very focused on your work, career, and personal responsibilities. Now that Venus is direct and the nodes have moved, you can begin to see forward movement in your career and the relationships within your career.
Although with the South Node now in your fourth house of family and hearth, you may encounter many karmic and/or fatal relationships over the next year, and some of them may begin this month.
The Sun is currently conjunct Saturn in your seventh house of relationships and Mercury will join them on the 14th. So there may be limits and restrictions placed on the growth of your relationships this month where you may simply need to prioritize any energy devoted to your work and your career.


Your fifth house of creativity and romance has had a lot of activity over the past two months, so you may have experienced a lot of changes in this area of ​​your life. Both Venus and Mercury being retrograde in this house may have caused breakups, the return of an ex, or even a change of heart regarding your love interests. Now that these two planets will be direct, you can begin to see new reality dawn when it comes to your love life.
All of the new values ​​and perspectives that have come to you during these intense transits can now be implemented.
With Jupiter and Neptune now being in your seventh house year-round, there will be potential for attracting new partnerships into your life, especially when the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th. Thus, you may find that the season Pisces, in general, brings you abundance in the realm of your relationships, which can include the potential for a new romance or a fresh start in your current romantic relationships.


Venus has been retrograde and conjunct Pluto in your family and home fourth house for the past month, so you may have experienced shifts and changes in this area of ​​your life. Venus is the ruler of your first and eighth houses may have altered your perspective on the connections you have with the people you live with or your house in general, and it may also have created inner changes in your own view of what constitutes stable for you.
Now that Venus is direct and Mercury will also go direct, you may approach relationships differently and you may find that you are looking for different things when it comes to a romantic partner. With the Sun transiting your fifth and sixth houses this month, you may begin to feel an awakening within yourself in terms of what attracts you, what you feel gives you pleasure, and what you value in life. matter of romantic interactions.


Now that the Nodes have shifted, the South Node is going to be in your first house of self and the North Node will be in your seventh house of relationships, and that will last for about a year and a half. During this time, you may notice your focus shifting more to your relationships with others and with the ruler of your seventh house, Venus, still conjunct Pluto for the rest of this month, this can lead to some relationship struggles. power or resistance in your relationships.
Although once the Sun enters Pisces on February 18 and your fifth house of creativity and fun, things can clear up when it comes to your love life. It can make you feel like the “worst” is behind you and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Once the Sun enters Pisces, it will conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, which can also bring you lots of new creative ideas and generally a more carefree and carefree vibe that will allow you to open up to new love and rekindle the spirit. love in your current partnerships.


With Venus retrograde in your second house for the past month, you may have been going through some financial changes or changes in your job, especially since Venus is also the ruler of your eleventh and sixth houses. So this month may be more about recovering and bringing a sense of normalcy back to your work life and daily routines.

It is possible to restore hope and optimism when it comes to your love life and connecting with others in general once the Sun moves into Pisces.
The Sun will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, and your third house of communication, until the 18th, so you can slowly make connections as you learn the right way to interact with integrity.
Once the Sun enters Pisces and your fourth house of home and family, you can feel your relationships becoming more comfortable, warm, cozy, light, and joyful. It’s like a slow buildup to heal your heart, mind, and outlook on love and how you form nurturing connections with others.


There has been a lot of activity in your first house of self over the past two months, so you may have been very preoccupied with your personal goals and development.

Venus has been retrograde and conjunct Pluto in your first house and Venus is also the ruler of your fifth house of romance, so you may have also drawn romance to you over the past two months, although it has may have been difficult to maintain these relationships. or interest.
Now that Venus is direct, although still conjunct Pluto and now Mars, you may notice some power struggles slowly coming to an end in your love life, although this is a process that will take patience to get through.
February will show you which partners have real potential with you and which were just illusions created by the seductive vibrations of Venus-Pluto. Observing and paying attention to the actions of your romantic interests will reveal to you which ones are sincere and which ones just want the upper hand.


February will be one for you where you may feel like you are stepping out of the fog or waking up to new truths, realities, and energies in your life.
Venus and Mercury have been retrograding for about a month and this is affecting your twelfth and first houses, so you may have been very preoccupied with your inner self, your mental and emotional state, and your own personal issues. Now that these planets are direct, you may feel like there is a slow shift in the energy and direction of your life path.
February can be like a recovery process for you on a mental, emotional, and physical level, so romance might not be something you’re very focused on. Once the Sun enters Pisces and your second house of material possessions and money on the 18th, you may begin to see light at the end of the tunnel and you may feel like your life is beginning to open up to you. new.
Mercury is the ruler of your fifth house of romance, so any miscommunications and misunderstandings that have happened over the past month can be resolved now, restoring hope.


There has been a lot of activity in your eleventh house of social media over the past month, which may have changed the dynamics of some of your relationships. With Venus and Mercury retrograde in this house of astrology, it may have caused some people to change their minds and desire to form stronger bonds with others.
Mercury being the ruler of your seventh house will have affected your serious and/or long-term relationships, so you may feel a shift in most, if not all, of the relationships in your life, which may change the dynamics down there. ‘to come up…
Now that you have new perspectives, opinions, and beliefs about certain people, Mercury and Venus are direct, you can begin the process of re-committing or get back on track with the relationships that are most precious to you.
The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th where it will be conjunct Neptune and Jupiter in your first house of self, and this will give you a larger than life and jovial vibe to your personality and the way you present yourself to others, which allow you to easily create new connections and heal any wounds with your current partnerships.

February Love Fortune

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