Fancy or love? What about with you?

If the stars are good, a new flame will dive into your life and cause a whole series of ups and downs in your life.

But is it just lust  (the deep desire for love) or is it true love (a real, really real connection with the particular person)?

Although love and lust belong together, they are far from each other, so we clarify this once and for all.

Lust or love?

1. Is it just about good love?

Of course, the chemistry in the bedroom is very important in a relationship, but being addicted to love and being only love fixated is harmful.

If you are only together because of good love, it will quickly get boring in the bedroom. You will always be in search of better love.

2. Have your secrets

A couple who loves each other has no limits or secrets.

On the other hand, a couple who are only together because of love, talk very little.

3. Do you have a deep, lasting friendship?

If so, you are well on your way to loving your new flame.

A relationship without friendship has little chance of survival.

4. Since you are often jealous?

A loving couple also trusts each other, no matter what.

A couple that is all about love often has reasons to be jealous.

5. Do you expect perfection from the other?

Being in love means accepting every mistake, imperfection, and the rest of your partner.

However, those who live in a “lust partnership” often expect from each other that they look perfect, do everything perfectly, and present themselves perfectly to friends and family to make the relationship look happy.

And how it looks with you? Is it true love or pleasure?


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