Fancy A Change? This Beauty Trend Suits Your Zodiac Sign – Part 1

Beauty Trend Suits Your Zodiac Sign

Fancy A Change? This Beauty Trend Suits Your Zodiac Sign – Part 1

Do you also feel the need to drastically change your look, but you don’t yet know in which direction your beauty makeover should go? Don’t worry, the stars could help you there. Because your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your personality – and can give hints for suitable styling.

We took a look at which current trend fits which zodiac sign.

Capricorn: Statement pieces in the beauty routine

The Capricorns like to stand out from the crowd without having to make big stagings. Statement pieces are therefore exactly her thing! Striking headbands could therefore be the ideal start for a makeover – and at the same time the incentive for a new signature look for Capricorns.

Aquarius: All Eyes on Me

The honest and open Aquarians know exactly: they convey most emotions through their eyes! So it’s no wonder that they now want to emphasize this all the more. Graphic eyeliner is ideal for this – and amplifies any dramatic Aquarian eye roll many times over.

Pisces: wet look

Of course, the fish like it – as long as it doesn’t get boring. That’s why the wet look is the perfect combination of a clean look and that certain something in the beauty routine for her!

Aries: I’m blushing

Aries crave adventure and change. They don’t like to sit still and instead always want to experience something new. This is also reflected in her make-up. Because especially this year they want to try some extravagant looks and experiment a bit!

Taurus: Classic Beauty

Just like the Taurus icon Audrey Hepburn, most Taurus like it classic and timeless. Of course, this also applies to the make-up! A striking red lipstick, restrained eye makeup, and soft curls are perfect for her everyday look.

Cancer: Rock Chick

Emotional Cancers like it dramatic – as long as it is not about their social life. But they like a bit of theatricality. So how about a drastic rock-chick makeover in 2023? A strong focus on the eyes not only brings back memories of the emo phase of the 2000s but also gives the crabs the opportunity to let off steam creatively.

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