Falling In Love With Every Sign Is Not Easy

Falling In Love With Every Sign Is Not Easy

At this point, you no longer care what the person looks like, you want genuine love. Someone who has the courage to join you for coffee every morning. A love of those that do not intoxicate, of those that fill you with life and hug you so tightly that they shake your wounds for good. Each sign of the zodiac knows what I am talking about, because they have learned not to give their hearts to just anyone. No, it is not easy to fall in love , it is much more than the details, the words and the time together. There are few who catch your heart:

1.- Aries

Aries, they say, that you are complicated, that you look for intensity where there is none. And it is that you love the contradictory, the unconventional and what makes your heart race excessively. You are not one of those loves that conform, you want something that will sharpen your senses. Everything that implies a challenge, because being a warrior is part of your personality and you do not think to lower your guard for anyone. But, be very careful not to confuse , Aries does not want to be treated badly, he simply seeks to be the captivator from time to time. Get into this sweet game of conquest. He wants a heart that tests his way of seeing life, of acting, of dreaming. Only in this way does he stay, only in this way does he decide to surrender the deepest part of his being.

2.- Taurus

Taurus does not have time for half-hearted love, he has been with the doors closed for a while because he has met people who do not have the courage to compromise. That forgets the details and that tries to clip its wings. It is a very special sign, fussy, so it will look for a thousand excuses before saying yes. You need someone who is capable of understanding, who is non-judgmental, and who is not scared when his stubborn part shows up. Taurus can be very mysterious when he sets out to do so, because he wants to make sure that this person is capable of anything just to be by his side. He is so passionate that he does not intend to give so much intensity to a love that is only passing through. He wants someone who is interested in each of his oddities and who at the end of the day continues to choose him.

3.- Gemini

It’s not because I say so, it’s because Gemini shows authenticity in every pore. It is a sign that is not willing to let its guard down easily, it does not have the slightest intention of looking good with anyone and that makes it so special. He simply allows himself to be conquered by that person who has intelligence above the rest , someone who comes to his world to illuminate in every way. Otherwise, he gets bored, he does not want a lot of nice words left in the air, he wants something real, a conversation that leads him to question everything and then feel good. Gemini falls in love with someone they admire, who is capable of stealing their attention every second. You want to be with someone by choice, not because you feel obligated.

4.- Cancer

Cancer wants someone who never stops driving them crazy, a soul willing to show their sensitivity without fear of what they will say. It is a sign that seeks to empathize, to steal the attention of its partner, but in a sweet and tender way. A love that is capable of listening and not judging falls in love with protective souls, in which it can find its reflection, someone who does not focus on the superficial. His plan is simple, he does not want luxuries, he wants a home where you breathe peace, where trust is not demanded and where loyalty is noticed just by looking at each other. That person who has the courage to wake you up with a kiss every morning. Yes, perhaps it is too romantic for many, but it is the only way in which he knows how to surrender, if you are not ready for something like that it is better that you continue on your way.

5.- Leo

Leo is very decisive, he does not want to go through life conquering a lot of people, he wants to dare to conquer it every day. Perhaps for some it is too traditional, but it prefers a thousand times an old-fashioned love. Someone who is not afraid to show his affection, who is ready to give his fidelity and who does not flee when the brightness of Leo is present. He wants to feel that he is the company that he has been waiting for so long, shouting from the rooftops how much he loves him. Leo loves to show off to his people, not because of ego, because he feels proud, he likes to feel admiration for that person and to become his greatest motivation. He is the one who inspires and does not expect less from his partner. He knows that love is also planning a future project.

6.- Virgo

Virgo falls in love when someone is able to attract him with the force of a magnet, when he steals his heartbeat and he does not even realize it. He is very selective, he really needs to be sure that this person is the one to walk by his side. Look for tranquility, mental order and, above all, a lot of balance. He is the one who enjoys healthy relationships because toxicity robs him of mental, physical and emotional health. You don’t want to have to battle with someone who is not ready to love. He is persuaded by a brilliant mind that is capable of putting his logic to the test. Someone who has so much love to give that shelters the coldness of his emotions. You want to have the peace of mind that that person will be kissing your forehead tomorrow and that you don’t have to look elsewhere.

7.- Libra

How nice when you meet someone who is capable of falling in love with your worst hobbies, who is not scared of your defects and who rejoices with the way you see life. Libra, he pretends that he doesn’t care, that love is no longer his thing, but deep down he just wants something real. Someone who is there to give you the warmth of his arms when everything goes wrong.Someone who is not scared of his follies and who motivates him to do them. Someone who goes his way, who does not clip his wings. He is tired of absent relationships, of those who appear everything in front of the rest, but behind those four walls they are living the same hell. He got tired of all that, so now he puts one lock after another. Now they say that he is insecure, that he does not dare, that love scares him. Libra is not afraid of loving, it is afraid of meeting one more monster.

8.- Scorpio

In the depths of his darkness, Scorpio has the smile ready for the right person. That is why he is so meticulous when it comes to giving his heart. Scorpio can spend a lot of time with you, but that doesn’t mean he’s already in love. Sometimes you just give yourself a chance to experiment, but deep down you know that you are not the person in your life. It is a sign that reads you the first time, because his intuition is superior, it is his witch part that does not let him give himself completely, because he knows that it is not going to work. So save your emotional and romantic part, for the right moment. You can try to persuade him, but most likely you will first fall before his gifts, unfortunately, that does not assure your heart. Scorpio wants much more than a couple of wild kisses or a sunrise under the moon. He wants someone who does not know cowardice and who cries with happiness for so much love.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius ‘I love you’ is not a game, it does not go around telling everyone. He is very stealthy when he loves, there is a part of him that he does not trust at all. A sign that has had to heal its own scars without saying a single word for fear that others will see it as a failure. Sagittarius is wise, he is adventurous, he is the one who thirsts for the new, who immerses himself in a lot of words, travel, aromas, flavors, he is the one who enjoys adrenaline. Honestly, how many loves are prepared for something like that? You want a partner who is not scared of your conversations, who does not try to put chains on you. A free love, so free that it knows that after taking flight both can return to the nest.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn only wants someone to make room for him in his mornings, afternoons, nights. He does not want a 24/7 love, but he does want to be sure that he wants to spend the rest of the days with him. Is it too much to ask? Someone who is not afraid to speak the truth, who does not get lost in a lot of beautiful words, wants facts, tokens of love every day.A partner who doesn’t run away when life gets tough and who is capable of embracing commitment. It is a very intelligent sign, it needs conversations that fill its spirit, otherwise, it cannot hold attention. She got fed up with going from that to that, so she decided to retreat into her loneliness for a while. Until the right person arrives, the one who has no intention of changing anything and is simply willing to improve as a couple. Fortunately, patience is one of its virtues.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius wants more than the perfect smile, the captivating gaze and that coffee-scented skin. He wants a love that is able to look him in the eye and lose himself in his world. Someone who is not afraid to hold his hand, for all the crazy outbursts they give him out of nowhere. He wants a love with the experience, with a desire to live, with freedom.He is tired of having to fake something that is not just to please the other. He has loved since independence and there are few people who understand him. The possibility that you will conquer his heart depends on the way you see life. It is a sign that seeks a compliment but is not willing to put its entire being in someone, because it knows that it has to love itself above all else. Aquarius is special because it is not fooled by how others love and that is the difference.

12.- Pisces

Pisces has a soul full of desire to meet the right person. However, he is not in a hurry, he does not want to go jumping from love to love, he is simply willing to wait, not to force and let the emotions flow. He is a dreamer, he cannot help it, but his disappointments have taught him that there are many cruel people out there who no longer want to be adorning those who do not deserve it. He wants much more than the princess or the prince of the story, because she understood that even if there is a beautiful dress and she lives in a castle, it is not synonymous with happiness. Now you are willing to let them get your attention in a real way, in which they connect with your feelings before your body. Pisces wants to go further, to immerse themselves in the mind and heart of someone who is out there lost on the way, hoping to find the same.


Falling In Love With Every Sign Is Not Easy

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