Fall for someone who chooses you with the same confidence you choose. Engage with someone who helps you when things get difficult, someone who fights to make things work when reality gets difficult.

Fall in love with someone who sees wars in you and chooses not only to stay but also to stand by your side and help you fight them. Find someone you can remember is strong when you feel weak.

Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you feel like you are complicated to love. Give your heart to someone who doesn’t define you as weak, to someone who worships the sweet person you are and fights to protect them. Fall for someone who challenges you, who makes you think. Fall in love with someone who transforms the wilderness in you; someone who makes your mind grow as much as your heart grows.

Fall in love with someone who respects you for having changed because he understands that you are growing up. Consecrate yourself to someone who loves you, not only for what you are but for your potential.

Please never settle for this. Keep waiting. Keep knowing yourself, keep fighting for the heart. Continue to grow and nourish your desires, continue to discover your needs. When the time comes, you will fall in love with someone who appreciates everything you stand for, who will compliment you in a way you never imagined. When the time is right, the love you have always deserved will bloom in your life and you will finally understand why you had to wait so long.


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