You are lost But then, one day, at random, for an unknown reason, you find a soul. A soul that understands you without having to whisper a word. A soul that treats you as if you were the rarest beauty in the entire universe. He will not let you down and, if that happens, he will try to save you before you even have a chance to hit the ground.

In difficult days, when you find yourself in a million broken pieces, this soul will help you hold your break. He will not be impatient with you. He will not raise his voice. It will not make you feel messy. One broken room at a time takes you to a place where you can feel completely new. You stand next to it and you will finally see your whole heart. You did it together. You have finally found a soul that loves all your facets. This is what you need. This is what you have now.

You find yourself by the thousands on the ground, shouting to the whole world. Not because you are sad, but because you cannot believe that you are worthy of this soul. This soul is an extension of yourself as if you had been divided, and now the two pieces meet. You never knew it was possible to love a heart that you never had, but now that soul is holding you back and you can no longer move from shock. It’s the other half, the missing pieces and everything else.

He saved you. He saved you from the painful chains that you never hoped to escape. You are healed. You are together again.

You will love this soul until you can no longer breathe. When you find that soul, you know it. There is no other way to describe it. And when you know it, never let it go.


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