What does the personality of Pisces look like?

Because it is the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is perhaps one of the most unique. Since it trails behind all the other signs, it captures the energies of all the previous signs.

With fish as a symbol, Pisces are unsurprisingly a sign of water. The signs of water tend to be emotional and intuitive, and just like the depths of the ocean can often be quite mysterious.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, which adds to the mysterious air that Pisces often exude. Neptune governs things like dreams and illusions, making Pisces a deep thinker.

Pisces are idealists and you can expect them to be the first to help you. However, because they are so emotional, they are sometimes difficult to deal with, especially when you are in the mood for fun and relaxation.

What are the details of the Pisces horoscope?

Element: water
Leading planet: Neptune
Colours: mauve, green water
Day: Thursday
Strengths: wise, imaginative, compassionate
Weaknesses: gullible, unrealistic, compassionate Birthstone
: aquamarine
Horoscope dates: February 19 – March 20

What are the personality traits of Pisces?

Because Pisces are so in tune with their emotions, they are super romantic. Pisces plan the best dates and really know how to sweep you away! This and their wisdom make Pisces a great friend. They live to be there for those who need it and are excellent at providing comforting words and a helping hand.
Their intuitiveness combined with having Neptune as the dominant planet makes most Pisces rather introverted. They are thirsty for time alone that they often spend napping or listening to music and decoding all the lyrics.
That being said, Pisces also have some negative traits to watch out for (don’t we all?). On the one hand, Pisces are not too prone to be stuck in the reality of things. They are big dreamers, which sometimes makes them disconnected from what is really going on around them.
Because Pisces love being there for others, they expect others to be the same. This leads them to be gullible and likely to be gambled or scammed. They are also prone to martyrdom and are often victims of self-pity.
Although they don’t like to be criticized, they are tolerant and forgiving, so whenever you need to bring a Pisces back to reality, it will always forgive you.

What does Pisces compatibility look like?

Pisces are very in tune with their emotions, making them great romantic partners. They need someone who can be on their emotional level, but also keep them grounded. For this reason, Pisces and Bull’s compatibility is the most promising for a relationship.
Bulls are extremely sensual and can connect with Pisces on a deep emotional level. Like Pisces, Taurus loves romance, music and really anything that can make sense. Bulls are also incredibly patient and can keep a fish in check when they go into their own little world.
However, the Pisces sign is editable, which means it is open to change – something that Taurus cannot bear. But because the two signs can form a deep emotional bond, they can easily work together to overcome that.


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