Every woman has these 10 types of relationships before she turns 30

Have you already found a man who makes you feel like your search for that one special person has ended because it is the real deal with you? If so, then you can be really proud! 

However, if you’re still looking for that one special connection, remember that the best type of relationship comes when you least expect it. 

In fact, before the age of 30, most women have 10 specific types of relationships that they go through. If you’re still in the thick of it, just enjoy every moment and prepare for these bittersweet romantic adventures! Or maybe you are older and can only laugh at one or the other relationship from your past.

Here they are, the 10 different types of relationships every woman is likely to experience before she is 30:

1. The relationship in which you wanted to prove yourself

Maybe you just wanted to feel like you could have this one man. You may even have done a number of illogical things to get his attention. You’ve probably heard music that wasn’t really your taste. You pretended to be interested in bands and sports that meant nothing to you. Just to be fascinating. And it probably even worked – for a while!

2. The relationship that only lasted one summer

It was probably just a brief romance, really. It was that one summer love that you enjoyed during your college days. Or a flirt during a trip abroad. You both probably knew that this type of relationship won’t last. It was just about enjoying the moment. It could have been very short, but it was still super exciting and romantic!

3. The first great love

No matter how many relationships you have in your life, this one will always have a special place in your heart. First love is so innocent and usually completely exaggerated! Most likely, however, this guy has evolved into a completely different person than the one you fell in love with, and he probably wouldn’t fit into your current lifestyle either.

4. The relationship that was more of a friendship

The two of you may never have been officially in a relationship, but you’ve definitely had an intense time. In those good moments, you probably had the feeling that you could become happy with this person. However, there were also ugly moments when you felt confused and completely disconnected from him. In addition, he was probably afraid to commit himself. And this relationship without a label at some point faded into the background and finally disappeared.

5. The relationship that you couldn’t let go of

You knew the two of you weren’t compatible with each other. But something about him rekindled the spark in you every time you met him again. You tried to stop it every time, but he had some kind of power over you. The passion was so strong that you could hardly control yourself. But in the end, you somehow managed to let go of him.

6. The relationship that you cannot explain to yourself

You have probably already erased this chapter in your life from your head. Memories of this guy usually only pop up when you chat with your girls about old friends. When you think about it, you can’t seem to understand what you saw in him in the first place! But your friends can remind you of it very well. Every woman has probably experienced this type of relationship at some point in her life, to which she will later say: “What was wrong with me?”

7. The romantic relationship

The romantic affection was great, the chemistry was intense. But that was it. There was no emotional investment and no in-depth conversation. If he wasn’t there, you didn’t even have him in your head. It was really all about romance.

8. The relationship that should never be like this

You really liked this guy, but deep down you felt like there was something wrong with his personality. Your gut told you this relationship wasn’t going to work, but you decided to ignore the signs for a while. You also ignored warnings from your parents and friends. Eventually, you realized that you won’t have a future with this person. 

9. The long-distance relationship

The relationship may have been pretty good at first. But then you both finished school and started new jobs. Maybe your big dreams have drawn you to different cities or countries. Communication across time zones became very difficult. Plus, you felt like you had to go through all the adventures life has in store for you before you can settle down with someone. So you both decided to go your separate ways. You fondly remember the great bond the two of you had with each other. You’re probably wondering if you two did the right thing. Maybe you wish you had tried a little harder. Then the relationship might have worked out fine.

10. The relationship that ended your search for right once and for all

Your souls are in sync and you both share the same values. He makes you feel loved, protected, and above all happy. Until you met him, you didn’t know that you might like someone’s quirks so much.   You can be really lucky that you feel hopeful and positive in this relationship. Don’t let this man go anymore!


Every woman has these 10 types of relationships before she turns 30

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