Even If We Are No Longer Together, He Will Stay My Soul Sister Forever

Do you believe in the concept of soulmate? Do you believe that we are not complete beings and that we all have a second half, someone who is made just for us?

Do you believe that we are all predestined to be with someone? May our soul seek this other person, even without our knowledge?

Do you believe that there is someone born to be yours?

I bet not.

I did not believe it either. I thought it was bullshit. That it’s something that Hollywood invented and that stuff exists only in movies and novels.

Until I meet him.

You may think it’s a cliché, but the truth is that as soon as I put my eyes on that man, I knew it.

It was like in movies. I felt that time had stopped and I could only watch it.

I had the impression to have known him forever, he was so familiar to me. As if I had spent my whole life looking for him, without ever realizing it.

It was not his look or the way he spoke to me, but something that I still can not explain that drew me to him. Like an invisible force, like a magnetic field.

From that occasion, I knew it was my life partner. I knew he was my half and that he was the person with whom I was destined to be.

No, he did not give me butterflies in my stomach. No, I did not feel the usual excitement we feel when we meet someone we like.

Instead, he made me feel like I was at home. Watching her face calmed me down. His smile reassured me that all my problems would disappear.

When I was close to him, I felt so safe and as if nothing bad could happen to me.

When I was with him, I felt safe because I knew he would cover my back.

I knew that he would hold my hand through all the difficulties of life and that he would be by my side.

And all of a sudden, life made sense. And everything seemed a lot easier.

But unfortunately, it did not last as long as I thought.

Unfortunately, our fairy tale did not last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this man left me.

I’ll never know if he felt the same as me. I will never know if he considered me his half.

Is it possible for someone to be your soulmate without you being his? I will never know.

But that is not the question. I will not remember all the pain he caused me when he left me.

I do my best to forget all the tears I shed for him and all that I went through after he became history.

And I’m not even going to talk about the fact that I’ve never recovered from losing it, even though I’m doing my best to achieve it.

But the fact is that years have passed since he came out of my life.

There have been other men in my life, kind and not so kind. There were times when I even thought I loved some of these men.

Some of them made me experience emotional adventures. They aroused in me all kinds of different feelings.

But none of them managed to trigger what triggered him in me. None of them made me feel what it made me feel.

And I’m not even sure anyone will ever be able to do it.

That’s why I still believe he’s my soulmate, although he’s no longer part of my life.

Do not get me wrong, I stopped hoping we’ll get back together.

It’s been a long time since I accepted the fact that I will not end my life with him.

But it will never change the fact that he was my person and my soulmate and that he will remain forever.

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