Empathic people often have this highly sensitive zodiac sign

Do you empathize with others or do you sometimes feel what others feel? Then you are most likely an empathic person. 

However, among our 12 zodiac signs, there is one that is particularly empathetic. If you belong to this zodiac sign, you are probably already aware that you feel differently than most people.

But what actually makes empathic people? 

People who have a high level of empathy can literally feel the pain or physical symptoms of other people, especially those they love very much. And the empath’s loved ones don’t even have to be around. It can happen that empaths even call you and say they feel like you are not okay or they had a dream about you.

These people will often ask their fellow human beings what is going on, even if the person has not mentioned anything, because they can sense when the person is feeling anger or sadness, for example, even though they may not be showing it directly. But empaths also often have problems being in large groups of people because they feel the energy of everyone around them. Sue also struggles with being around negative people or stressful environments because it puts so much stress on their nervous system.

And so it is with the Pisces!

Pisces are extremely empathetic signs that almost can’t stop themselves from accepting other people’s feelings like a sponge. They can always tell how a loved one is feeling around them and they are extra mindful, which makes them the best friends imaginable. With a fish by your side, you know that when you feel bad, they will notice, even though you don’t have to say a single word.

Unfortunately, due to their empathic nature, Pisces can suffer from burnout or emotional exhaustion as this burden of feelings and sensations quickly becomes too much for them. Pisces have to work hard not to bear the weight of the world on their shoulders alone. You should take care to protect yourself from negative people or other people who may strain or overuse their empathic skills.

Crowds of stressed-out people and places, where people are sick, will quickly overwhelm a fish. Because of this, he will stay away from it and go to more positive places and people. It also often happens that the Pisces take certain things personally because they sometimes feel negative emotions from other people that are not actually directed against them. People will surely keep telling the Pisces not to be so sensitive and emotional. But that’s the way he is.

Pisces can even feel the planetary motion and energy of an entire area when they visit it. They know the general feeling of a particular place and can tell when something is different. Often times, fish even want to avoid places due to the prevailing mood there. Pisces probably won’t want to visit a nice luxurious building if the people there are addicted or extremely unhappy. Alternatively, they will love a simple home or even a park when people are relaxed and happy there. The harmony is very important to them and on the other hand, stress is pure poison for them that paralyzes them in the long run.

If your zodiac sign is Pisces, then you should be careful. It is important that you know your limits and not overload yourself with too many emotions and sensations. Because that very quickly leads to overload and can even cause mental and physical illnesses. Above all, fish have to protect themselves against depression and psychosomatic diseases, because all the stress can make them really sick in the long run.

This is how you can protect yourself from overload

For work and at home, as an empath, you absolutely need a loving environment in which feelings are honored. This is essential for your wellbeing. You should also avoid toxic people and narcissists who may be attracted to you. Those who say they love you even though they don’t give you space is obsessed with their ego and will only exhaust and manipulate you.

As an empath, it is important to create healthy boundaries with people who share their problems with you. You also need to recover from people who are going through a difficult time and tell you about them. It is important that you actively practice your self-love. About yourself in certain breathing techniques, mantras, or yoga to clear your energy field. Affirmations and visualizations can also help you secure yourself. 

Avoid being around people who are complaining or who are not taking care of themselves, as you may have trouble separating from their problems. Boundaries are very difficult for empaths because they have difficulty determining which thoughts and feelings are theirs and which are someone else’s. This means that they can be easily influenced by people and must avoid places with heavy drugs and alcohol use.


Empathic people often have this highly sensitive zodiac sign

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