Emotional distance – the beginning of every breakup

Nowadays many couples split up again after a short time? Somehow it seems that the throwaway society’s influence is being carried over into our relationships as well. But how does it actually come about? 

Is the distance that can develop between two partners really the reason for almost any separation?   You’d think there could be many reasons a couple could break up. But if you think about it, then there could really be something to it! Because if you go back to the origin, the distance between the couple, in the end, is actually always the main reason why they split up.

And then there was simply no exchange …

The distance ensures that you no longer feel close to your partner. And when you don’t feel close anymore, it can quickly happen that you stop talking about the topics that are important to the relationship, but which are possibly very uncomfortable or challenging. Then at some point, it may even come to the fact that you no longer talk about the little things in everyday life and you just grow apart. This can also lead to being dissatisfied in the relationship and more prone to cheating on the partner. Or you almost just argue and hardly have any nice moments together. 

If the couple stops communicating, the partner’s actions can often be misinterpreted. In this way, negative thoughts creep in about the partner, which solidify more and more in the subconscious. Behind all these things there can be distance, which usually slowly covers the partnership like a veil.

Is a breakup the only way out?

Of course not! You can do something about it and make sure there is no breakup if you want to avoid it.

You should basically make sure that there is no distance between yourself and your partner. Sure, that sounds a lot easier than it looks in reality. How do you do that as? How do you get close to your partner? 

It is important that you recognize that this is not only about physical, but also emotional closeness to your partner. This gives you less space for separation and allows you to build a healthy partnership in the long term. So try never to lose sight of this point. It’s about spending time together and having conversations. You can make plans together and reflect on the past or set new goals.

The emotional closeness to the partner

In order to develop more emotional closeness to the partner, it usually only takes small things. These can be questions such as, “How was your day?” Ask him what he’s been up to and whether he’s feeling well. You can also ask if he wants anything from you or if he wants to talk about anything.

This daily exchange creates a basis that gives you two more trust in the other. Try to open up and reveal your deepest feelings so that he tries to open up too. It is much easier for men to talk about their feelings when the woman takes a step towards them first. 

In order to listen actively, the respective other should ask questions and be fully attentive to the partner. The more you practice this, the faster you will reach a deeper exchange and can talk about broader topics, such as your personal dreams and ideals in life. All of this creates more emotional closeness and thus prevents a distance between you and your partner, which in turn protects you better against a separation.

The physical closeness to the partner

But physical closeness is also an important point if you want to avoid distance in your relationship. With physical affection and small gestures, you show that you love your partner. For men, by the way, actions are usually much more meaningful than words. Look deep into his eyes or just take his hand. Take him in your arms and tell him that you care about him. 

Of course, romance is part of it! Usually, this intimate get-together is far underestimated. This is the best way to express your love for your partner without words. At the same time, however, it is also important to talk about expectations and wishes and work together on romantic life.

As you can see, the physical and emotional closeness of a couple is not far apart. One can, however, rule out the other. It can be, for example, that you still understand each other emotionally, but your love life has fallen asleep. This is of course a shame because both levels are relevant for a relationship. Words cannot replace that intimate encounter that a couple experiences during romance. 

That is why you should definitely pay attention to both levels and try to get closer to your partner. So try to speak openly with your partner about these issues. An appreciative communication is of course a prerequisite. It may be uncomfortable to talk about these things at first, but you will see that it will be worth it in the end. 


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