Emotional clearer: The rational mind of soul love

In every soul love, there are two types of person: the mind clearer and the let-go.

These two people feel that they know and understand each other completely and that they may know each other from a previous life.

In the course of our lives, we often have the feeling that we meet people who do not really match our own energy and that we are looking for something specific that will form a soul connection.

The mind clearer and the let-go bathe in each other’s energy, and each person only has such a connection once in a lifetime, and it is experienced either for a short or for a longer period of time.

Our soul mate can be our partner, someone we met through the internet, someone we had an affair with, but also someone we only spoke to once, as this connection was made in a previous life and there are no rules for when it should manifest.

These two souls experience love differently, but they also have what the other lacks in order to form a whole.

They can see each other’s souls when they look at each other, and sometimes words are unnecessary when they are together.

These people deal with their emotions in different ways, but they still manage to feel like a whole when they are together.

Although they feel like they have known each other all their lives, and even if they feel connected on a spiritual level, their relationship is often deeply disturbed because of their differences.

The let-go is a person who loves deeply and who has enough love for both. He is ready to get involved with his mind clearer and is very focused on the things he wants from the mind clearer rather than his needs.

The person who the Loslasser represented in a soul connection is mostly female, but it can also be a man to be, which is much more emotional and in contact with its Divine Feminine is (The felt sense instead of the thinking mind).

This person is an empath who feels very intensely, but is also very self-centered at the same time, as they need the mind clearer’s attention and devotion, and where any lack of reaction and presence of the mind clearer feels like failure.

On the other hand, we have the feeling clearer, who is more often male, but can also be a woman if she tends to think rationally and if she is in touch with her divine masculinity (the thinking sense instead of the feeling sense).

This person makes rational decisions in love and is never guided by emotions in their decisions.

The mind clearer feels love, but his way of expressing it is very contrary to the things he does and says, and it is moreover based on his previous experiences.

This soul connection may be difficult, but it is worth fighting for so that two souls who belong together as a unit can be united.

Who is the mind clearer?

A mind clearer is a person who acts more rationally in relation to love.

Rather than making decisions based on their feelings and intuition, this person thinks about how a relationship would affect their current or future situation.

They feel a strong emotional and attraction for the let-go, but they are often emotionally unwilling to accept their love.

Just like the name suggests, the mind clearer has to clear their feelings for you.

The mind clearer is typically male as they often make more rational decisions and rely less solely on emotions, but they can also be feminine as some women are more closely related to their divine masculinity.

Once in a soul connection, the mind clearer often leaves the let-go and moves on with his life as if nothing had happened that leaves the let-go confused, sad, and heartbroken.

After leaving that soul connection, the mind clearer appears to have a good life with or without their soul mate, and this is for a good reason.

The mind clearer is not ready to receive the love of the let-go, and their parting can be seen as a useful lesson for these two souls before they can finally unite.

Once the let-go is left heartbroken, its growth can be observed as a process that has 4 phases:

1. Letting go

He leaves the mind clearer alone because he is not ready to receive his love. All of his efforts to prove his love are pointless, and he is forced to give up due to the desire of his soul mate.

2. The heart pain

At this stage, the leaser suffers from the lost connection with the clearer, he is unhappy and depressed, and he reenacts scenarios in his head about things that went wrong.

This phase is the most painful as it manifests itself immediately after the intense connection with the soul mate.

3. Fear of losing the mind clearer

After experiencing intense feelings of grief from missing the mind clearer, the let-go is now afraid of losing him forever, and this phase can be seen as an extension of the broken-hearted phase.

4. Self-love and the setting of boundaries

This is the last phase of the let-go’s suffering, because in this phase he experiences self-love and lust for life again, he also sets healthy limits and expectations for the possible relationship with the emotional clearer if he happens to reappear in his life.

The mind clearer, on the other hand, had enough time to clear his feelings and is now ready to finally accept the love that his soul mate has kept for him all along.

Why does the mind clearer distance himself?

The mind clearer is a person who is rational in love, but also one who is initially unwilling to engage in anything meaningful as a soul connection.

The insecurity and fear of connection that the mind clearer experiences is also caused by the intense emotions and attention that the leaser pays to them, and both must become balanced people and grow before they can be together.

Aside from that, the mind clearer also has an internal conflict that he must resolve for himself before he can experience love.

Depending on the person, the inner conflict that manifests itself in the mind of the mind clearer can be caused by:

The need for control

The mind clearer may be afraid of entering the soul connection for fear of losing control.

He could be in relationships with women who are dependent on him, and he could also be looking for short-term and less meaningful relationships, but the end goal is that someone needs him because that way he will never experience rejection.

The mind clearer also often fears that his soul mate, as soon as he gets to know him better, will find him less amiable and desirable.

He likes the feeling of control, but deep down he also thinks that he has to deserve his love and that he is actually not really worth it.

This person could also tell his partner that he loves him, that he has never had such a connection, that he had incredible, breathtaking with him and left him anyway, and this is also due to his ingrained insecurity and his belief that he doesn’t deserve to know love.

And yet, because the connection always remains, he will also think of his soul mate in new relationships, always feel incomplete and keep objects of this person as memories of them.

The mind clearer may give the impression that his life is absolutely fine and complete without his soul mate, but this is only an illusion and he will do everything possible to distract himself from the idea of ​​true love because he is not ready yet.

They need to be in control so that they don’t call or text their soul mate, but they will do so after a long period of time to clear up their feelings and everything they felt after feeling the connection.

A traumatic childhood

One of the most common reasons why the mind clearer behaves contrary and distant is a traumatic childhood.

The way a person loves is based heavily on their first discovery of love in childhood, and some basic experiences still push into adulthood.

A person might have experienced their first kind of love in the form of abuse, perhaps they had abusive parents or parents who were too demanding in return for love.

These people are highly sensitive, and even if they sometimes gain power over others through their actions, it is mostly because they were the weaker ones themselves when they were growing up.

You truly wanted to be loved, but traumatic events in your past have shaped you into a person who is too afraid of love.

Childhood is the time when a person needs to be most loved and protected, and if parents fail to give their children the love they need, they can twist their entire love experience and the way it is expressed.

On the other hand, the let-go has no such hindrance and they are ready to give and receive love.

The past can greatly affect the future of soul mates, and it is critical for the let-go to understand that the mind clearer’s conflicting behavior is indeed ingrained and their trauma will be present throughout the soul-bonding process.

He is insecure and unaware of his own feelings

The mind clearer could also be disconnected from his feelings, and the reason for this is not that he cannot feel love, he has simply lost sight of his feelings.

The most common problem people have with the mind clearer is their conflicting behavior and periods of breakup. Just because they say they love their soul mate and then go away doesn’t mean they are cruel, they are just lost.

If you also touch your soul mate, take care of him even after saying that you don’t want anything to do with him, then that is not an indecisive person, but one who is going through a tough emotional process.

The mind clearer can feel love, and unlike a psychopath who is completely unable to feel love and who just puts on a false facade, the mind clearer has really lost touch with his emotions, but they’re still there.

These people are also very insecure, and even if they look quite confident and happy on the outside, they could be deeply hurt inside.

Their inner pain is not visible, making their actions hard to understand, and even if they appear cruel at times, in reality they are just unhappy and not in the best emotional state when they encounter their soul mate.

But before the mind clearer can fight for his soul mate, he must first overcome this inner conflict, and even if this fight can last a long time, in the end it will be worth it for the sake of love.

What happens when the mind clearer clears his feelings

The process of clearing his feelings will be a long and arduous one, and it will definitely require the patience of his soul mate.

The mind clearer reacts differently to obstacles in a relationship than the leaser, and at first glance it will appear as if he is not feeling anything emotionally, but in reality he just needs time to sort out his feelings.

He will need time for himself to do the things he likes and slowly let the emotions take hold, after which he will comfort his soul mate, who has to leave his sensitive side behind and show some understanding.

Both of them have to work together to get things going, and it will be a long time for the mind clearer to mature emotionally, but when it does, its progress will be visible and admirable.

If the emotional clearer is also a person who has had no contact with their soul mate for a long period of time, he will have to work very hard to compensate the soul mate he has abandoned.

This time he will recognize the connection, he will not look at or admire other women, he will see the worth of the woman he almost lost because of his behavior, and embrace the love that was still reserved for him after all this time.

He will not be afraid of accepting love and being himself, his facade will fall off and he will be completely exposed and realize that being vulnerable is not that bad when it means being with the person be that you really love.


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