We here at Kindred would like to share eight of these wonderful things, the love of your life, with you and we would like you to get to know them.

1. You are always in her heart

The words “I love you” cannot express their deep meaning. While the message they send can be comforting, the emotion, longing, excitement, and passion that come with it go far beyond words.

In most cases, expressing one’s feelings is neither easy nor correct. Feelings can be overwhelming, indecipherable, transformative, and confusing.

They can be diverse – both positive and negative – but one thing always sticks in your partner’s heart … yes, it is the overwhelming love for you – the driving force that keeps them around you when you are happy or sad when you are You are healthy or sick when you are up or down …

And when the roles are reversed and your partner is the one sad, or sick, or depressed, you are still there in their heart, the best place you could ever be.

And yes, your partner wants you to know this, even if they are arguing and angry at each other. Arguments and fights only happen because both of you are CARE. If nobody cared, nobody would argue.

2. You want to come first

Life comes with a complete to-do list and lots of variables. You have to make time for many people: children, mom, dad, siblings, and friends. This time, the attention, the care, and the worries between the people who are important to you, yourself, your work, everyday tasks, etc., must then be allocated correctly.

Your partner doesn’t just want to fit into your everyday life. He’s your significant other and wants to see this. Although the other person fully understands and fully respects your decisions, he/she would actually want to be the most important person in your life, even if he/she will never say so.

3. You are her no. 1

You are the first person the love of your life thinks of when they need help, the one they want to make happy, the one they run to first to celebrate success, the one who always puts a smile on their face can conjure up, the one he has chosen to share his life with … his better half …

You are all of these things because your partner thinks you are fantastic. Loving you means loving the way you look and pretty much everything you do. Yes, everyone has their own problems, but in your partner’s eyes you are perfect with all your imperfections … and that’s why he loves you and makes you his number one. You are the champion of his heart.

4. You make them feel perfect

Your partner’s life wasn’t as fulfilling if you weren’t part of it. You brought more joy, excitement, happiness and most importantly, you made him feel complete. You are both a team and you could never be as strong and successful independently as you were together.

5. You make her a better person

All relationships are meant to grow on a personal level. A loving partner will help you become the best version of yourself. The simple fact that you believe in and support your other half inspires him with incredible determination and strength to do more and do better. He doesn’t want to disappoint you, and that’s why he makes the effort.

6. You need your appreciation

You are his number 1, remember ?! And that is why your opinion about your partner and your relationship in this world is most important. Appreciating someone and for every little thing, they do for you keeps them motivated and motivates them to do better.

Criticism is always demoralizing. Praise is scientifically proven and leads to better results.

7. They believe in you

You are the first person your partner turns to for help because their trust in you is complete. Trust in your judgment, trust in your support, trust in your loyalty, and trust in your feelings of love.

The love of your life believes that you are the extraordinary person who can change life for the better and that is why he loves you and stands by you.

8. They brighten their lives

Sunshine and sunsets have been more delightful since you entered your partner’s life. The morning is happier. The evenings are warmer. Holidays are better. They filled their hearts, made them feel complete, and helped them become a better person. Yes, you brighten your life every day with your simple presence, your kind words, and your loving smile.

While the love of your life will most, if not always, never tell you these things, take note of them and remind yourself that this is how they actually feel.


Eight things the love of your life wants you to know

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