There are some people we just don’t get along with, no matter how hard we try. Somehow it always ends up in complicated dramas. You must have been sitting there with a big question mark and didn’t really know how you ended up in this situation. We know – the stars are to blame! Because there are three zodiac signs that are simply much more complicated than all the others and are very quick to tease because of their peculiarities.

These zodiac signs are just super complicated

1. Aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarians are considered to be very tolerant zodiac signs that accept diverse people, opinions and attitudes. You think that Aquarius would be a super simple contemporary, right? Wrong thought! Unfortunately, Aquarius-born tend to have very empathetic discussions. It gets even worse when they argue: They expect you to be fully understood and to understand their thoughts, but they try to do the same for their counterpart. Compassion? Nothing! For them, their own feelings are always in the foreground, even if they rarely express them. Phew, that screams for drama!

2. Aries zodiac sign

Aries are cool. As long as you do what they have in mind. Aries tend not to accept other opinions, or only rarely. What they say is law, there is no discussion. They are then fixed in such a way that they neither look to the right nor to the left and simply advance without regard to losses. Which is why they usually only notice the consequences later.

3. Scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpions take whatever they want, regardless of losses. They rarely accept criticism, opinions or even tips from outside. Sure, the scorpion knows everything best anyway. In addition, scorpions tend to be dominant. That alone can sometimes be very complicated for fellow human beings.


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