Don’t call a man your partner until these 8 things have happened

Before you can really call the guy you’re dating your boyfriend, what things should definitely apply to you? When can you be sure that he is the right one for a relationship?

Here are 8 things that should come up before you call him your friend:

1. He shows his feelings

If a guy really likes you, he’s not afraid to show you his vulnerable side. He won’t be afraid to show how he really feels because he trusts you and he wants you to trust him. This is the guy who has no problem saying “I love you” when the time is right. He will always let you know if something has hurt or upset him so that you deal with it immediately and don’t sweep it under the rug.

2. You are his priority

You are first in his life most of the time. Sometimes other things may take precedence, but even if that happens, he’ll be sure to let you know that you are important to him anyway. Being a priority doesn’t mean that he will give up everything else in his life to spend all of his time with you. Having priority means that your needs and wants are important to them. He won’t let you down and makes room for you in his life.

3. His friends and family know about you

There is nothing more sacred and important than your own friends and family. And if you have had the privilege of being introduced to them, it means he is serious about you. Men don’t just bring any woman to meet their people. To do this, there has to be a deeper emotional connection. And when you are the person he introduces to his family, you can be sure that you are special to him.

4. He cares what your people think of him

When a man wants to be with a woman, he respects her family. He wants her friends and family to like him. He could also get very nervous before meeting her. After meeting the family, he might ask if they liked him. It is very important to him to make a good impression. If a guy isn’t serious about you, he just doesn’t care.

5. Your opinion is important to him

If he has a problem, he’ll take your advice into account. When he asks for your opinion, he listens to it. He cares what you think and how you feel. He respects what you say and wants to know what your opinion is. If he takes your opinion into account, then you know that he is serious about you because he values ​​having you in his life.

6. He really cares about you

One of the first signs he wants you to be his girlfriend is the fact that this guy is doing his best to get to know you on a deeper level. He won’t ask questions just to chat, but to really get to the bottom of your personality. And that’s actually a big deal.   When you meet a man who really cares about you, he will ask about your life and encourage the conversation because he really wants to know your interests and the things you are doing. Instead of nodding his head every time you speak, he says honestly. He will join your conversation and show interest to know absolutely everything about you.

7. He plans the future with you

He talks to you about the future and all the things you could do together. He also includes you in his future vision, and he draws your attention to it. He not only makes abstract, unrealistic plans, but also puts these plans into action or tries to work towards them. He might want you to move in with him or might want to look for a flat with you. He will have clear goals and deadlines and will work towards a future that brings you closer together. Then you know that he is suitable for a relationship.

8. You feel carefree

Love is not about making yourself up or showing half your feelings in order to make yourself more interesting. It’s not about playing games and making others dependent on themselves. Love shouldn’t start with worries and tears. When you’re in love, you should smile all the time and feel extremely happy. And that happy state should exist on both sides. You should only call him your boyfriend if you really feel like you are in love and really want to be with him. Ultimately, it all comes down to it.


Don't call a man your partner until these 8 things have happened

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