Does the relationship have a future? Then these 5 questions must not arise.

Does the relationship have a future? Then these 5 questions must not arise.

There are questions that should not arise even after a long relationship. Because they indicate that something is wrong in your relationship and damn wrong. However, some people are blind and do not realize that they are in a partnership that they are not really fulfilling. But sometimes it is not so easy to face the truth.

Maybe you’ve been together for a while and you think you have a great relationship. Your relationship seems to be full of romance and it never gets boring. Have you been together for over a year? Then it may be time to review your relationship. Remember your best moments and the shared plans that you made for your future. 

Do you think this is real love between you? If this is really the case, then you should never have to ask yourself these 5 questions. You should never come up in your partnership if it is really so harmonious. Here you are:

1. “Can I be who I really am?”

Of course, everyone pretends a little at the beginning of the relationship. It is completely normal! Because in the phase of falling in love we only want to show ourselves from the best side. We want to impress others with our way. And that’s important too. We need the phase of falling in love to remember that time in bad times. It will remind us that this relationship has the potential to be healthy and positive. 

In the beginning, many do not reveal everything about themselves. After a certain time (at the latest after a year) you should feel comfortable in the relationship. If you have the feeling that you cannot be yourself and you feel caught doing it here and there, then something is not going right between you.

In this case, think again about whether this is really the man you want to spend your life with. Do you really want to hold back forever? In a healthy relationship, your partner should accept you as you are and you shouldn’t have to pretend for him.

2. “How will the relationship run?”

Of course, you don’t have to plan your relationship from start to finish. But you should still know roughly in which direction you want to go with your partner. Where will this partnership take you? It is important that you know what your partner wants from your future together. Does he want children or not? Does he want to get married or rather not? The same goes for you.

Your partner should know what you think about it and what you want from your future together. After a long relationship, you should have talked about these topics and together you should create a rough picture of the future. Otherwise, this is a sign that your relationship is not a good start. 

3. “Is he right for me?”

You shouldn’t have to ask yourself this question after a year. You should now know whether he is the right one or not. After such a long time, you should be able to tell whether you fit together or whether it is better to go your separate ways.

Are you still asking yourself this question? Then you should seriously consider whether the whole thing makes sense to you at all. Someone who really loves their partner will never ask this question because they simply know that their partner is good enough for them.

4. “What kind of relationship are we in?”

Some prefer something relaxed first, others start straight into a serious matter. As we all know, every relationship has its own pace. But after the first year, you should already know what kind of relationship you are in. You should be sure that you and your partner know the status of your relationship well.

If you don’t know what he thinks about it, you should address it as soon as possible. You need to be clear and make sure that you don’t talk past each other. Because that will surely lead to a great disappointment for both of you. Talk openly about your views and don’t be afraid to honestly say what you think!

5. “Will I ever be able to accept his mistakes?”

You will find that after a year you experience a lot in a relationship. You get to know each other pretty well. Some get to know their loved ones more than they would like. Because after a while the masks fall and the real faces come out. At this point, you should realize that this is the real partner.

That is the bare truth, without a filter of infatuation. Of course, a few little things will always bother you. But you should be sure that you can live with it. If the big picture of your partner’s personality bothers you, then you should rethink the meaning of your relationship. Is that really true love between you?


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