When we talk about the concept of a soul mate, there is often a misunderstanding of what it really means. A soul mate is not someone who is there to complete you, but someone who will reflect you and make you see the light or darkness within you. However, is it possible to say soul mate is the mirror soul ?


A soul mate is a person who enters your life because she is connected to you in a deep way, spiritually and psychically. This is a person you have already met in another life, and who will help you in your personal journey, as you will help him in his own.

He is someone you feel comfortable with, simply. You do not need to wear a mask with your soul mate, because it is a person who understands you and accepts you in the entirety of your being. It’s not someone you want to change because you accept and love it unconditionally.

It is wrong to think that your soul mate will help you feel complete because you have that power in you, and in yourself alone. Your soul mate reflects your soul: the soul mate is is the soul mirror.


There is often an error when talking about a soul mate, in fact it would be more accurate to speak of a mirror soul, so that there is less equivocation. Soul sister and mirror soul are synonymous. But what does it mean?

Just that your soul mate will help you see the light in you. In each person there is a combination of light and darkness, a balance that can be tipped at any time, and you have to learn to accept and control.

The soul mate is the mirror soul that helps us to see the light that is in us, only if we are already aware of the power of this light and how we can reach our own unity.

Your soul mate does not complete you, she will not help you find answers to your problems.

If you are not in harmony with yourself, then you will not meet someone who is in harmony with himself.

You have to work with yourself, deeply and spiritually, in order to illuminate your own being and to find the person who will reflect that light and make you reach a higher level of consciousness.

You can do it. You just need to be confident in yourself and in life, accept problems as challenges, and work for kindness and empathy for all the people who inhabit the earth, and all things around you.

Sow the light, you will reap the light, and it is the surest way to meet your soul mate.

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