Are we destined to know only one single great love? Is it possible to say of the soul mate is the great love ? The relationship couples we live are they already predestined, and only intended to lead us to our soul mate and the perfect love without conflict?


According to mythology, soul mates are one and the same soul that has been separated. Half souls then wander on Earth in desperate search for their half in order to finally feel complete again. This mythological concept is similar to that of our society, which says that our soul mate is our only great love, the person who will complete us perfectly and make us forget all our worries, just like the princes and princesses of the fairy tales of our childhood .

Whether or not we believe in the soul mate, who would not be tempted to wait for a relationship where everyone would understand the other half, or each would be the perfect reflection of the other and where conflicts would not exist?

Yet, is such a relationship possible? Are there really people on Earth with whom we can have a perfect understanding? Of course, we all know or even live stories that are happy, make us feel good and flourish, but is it only through destiny?


In truth, when we say that the soul mate is the great love, and we wonder about the people who have found their soul mate and who are running happy days with their only great love, it seems that the reality is moving away a few tales of princes and princesses.

Of course, there is an obvious connection between people, a complicity and common interests that make us come closer and fall in love. The beginning of love stories is always romantic, usually smooth and it seems that everything is simple.

However, for a story to last in time, it takes work . Each person in the relationship must be careful to respect others and show empathy and compassion.

One has to learn to love oneself, to cultivate one’s own inner garden and personal fulfillment, so as not to let personal frustrations become grounds for reproach in the relationship.

You have to know how to listen to the other, without making any personal judgment, and to be open when things do not turn out as one would like. One must be able to accept and recognize one’s own emotions in order to take responsibility for them and not to give responsibility to others.

Finally, of course, you have to learn to love yourself deeply and unconditionally, so that the love of the other does not come to fill an inner void, but just come to light a little more the magnificent light that we carry in each one. from U.S.

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