One day someone said that when a man wants you, he will pick you up. And that’s the ultimate truth: if he wants you to be part of his life, he’ll find you a place, whatever happens.

You should not have to fight for that. You should not run after him or throw yourself at his feet just to be with you.

Because if you do, he will think less of you. Do not belittle yourself for someone who does not see you.

If you need to ask him what your relationship is or if you are the only one who wants to put a tag on your relationship, then you are probably not serious about it.

If you have to ask what your relationship is going for, it means that it probably does not go anywhere. And do you know why ?

Men always go for what they really want. Therefore, if this is not the case with you, then you are not what he really wants.

Women are guided by their emotions, many people would say, but I would say that women are beautiful creatures who can do anything they want …

They can let go even when they feel this immense love, they can smile even if they are dying inside and they can leave even when their heart tells them to stay.

Become one of those strong women and never run after a man. Be the price that everyone pursues but only one can win.

When a man does not see your worth, no matter how much you want to be with him or how good you think he is, never beg him for his attention.

Do not pursue it, do not try to prove it to him, do not bend over to just four to make a place in his life for you and give you his time and his love.

You will waste your time and put too much effort into something that is not supposed to happen.

Instead, look at it as a prayer that has never been answered because fate has something better for you.

This is usually why when you do not get what you want; for something even better is waiting for us than what we ask for.

You deserve a man in whose eyes you will be the only one. A man who will look at you with the deepest admiration, a man whose face will light up every time you enter the room.

You deserve a man who does not look at other women because he already knows he hit the jackpot with you.

You deserve a man who will make you a place in his life.

A man who will see you as the greatest gift he can receive in his life and a man who will thank God every night for sending you on his way.

You deserve a man who will want you by his side, after which you will not need to run, a man who will gladly welcome you in every aspect of his life because he will want you there.

You deserve a man who will want to plan his future with you.

A man who will show you where you are with him and a man who will never make you question what your relationship is because it is he who will ask you to put a label on it.

You deserve a man who not only plans his future with you, but also works on it.

You deserve a man who will want to spend time with you.

A man who will send you an SMS first, which will not make you wait for his answer for hours and who will call you just to hear the sound of your voice.

You deserve a man who schedules dates with you, a man who makes sure you know he always has time for you, no matter how busy his schedule is.

You do not deserve a man to whom you will have to beg a minute of his time because the good will be more than happy to offer you hours, days, months and years together.

You deserve a man who will want you.

Who will want every part of you? You deserve a man with whom you will not need to bend over to make him notice you.

To whom you will not need to prove anything, a real man will accept you for what you are if he loves you. For a real man, you will be perfect with all your flaws and imperfections.

Know that if a man loves you, you will not need to pursue him. He will see you as perfect as you are and he will want to be with you.

He will make you a place in his life and he will never make you question your relationship. Never settle for less than that and never run after a man.

If you have to pursue it, it is not for you. Let him go because someone better will come to you.

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