Do Not Push A Girl Who Does The 7 Next Things For You


Learn from your mistakes. Let your past guide you to a better future and do not risk losing the best thing that happened to you because of a childish fear!

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find someone with whom you share an incredible alchemy – an alchemy based on more than s*x and desire.

It is rare to find someone who really cares for no particular reason other than to love with all his heart.

If you have a girl who supports you, gives you her time, and gives you everything you want, do not let her go.

If you have a girl who comes in after 5 minutes when you are in a crisis and does not check her schedule to see if she has time for you, you are luckier than most people!

Learn to appreciate the modest and selfless love she gives you because she was hurt too. She is really trying hard and you should give her double that

If your girlfriend does these 7 things for you, she cares more about you than you are willing to know!

Do not let her become the one who ran away. Enjoy it while it’s yours, because girls like it are hard to find and even harder to keep!

And this girl desperately wants you to keep her.

1. She remembers every detail you told her about you


A year ago, you told him how your parents went to a beautiful little place in the south of France and that you give anything to have a chance to go there one day.

And guess what, not only she remembers, but she also bought you tickets to go together!

You see ? She listens and she preserves everything in her beautiful head.

And as soon as she has the opportunity, she will find a way to surprise you in the most enjoyable way possible.

It will not always be a luxury vacation, but it will be very important because it shows its commitment.

2. It gives you the advice you need to hear, no matter how hard they may seem


Your friends will make your eyes full and your parents will try to find what is best in the situation you are in.

But your girlfriend will tell you exactly what you need to hear to get back to you.

She knows it’s the only way to grow, learn from her mistakes and start from scratch.

And over time, you will realize that this is the best thing we have ever done for you.

3. She worries about everyone in your life with a sincere interest


If you have a sick aunt, she will ask you every day if she can do anything.

If your parents go through a bad patch, it will be your rock and the shoulder you can lean on.

And if your sister gets a promotion or if your brother gets engaged, she’ll be thrilled for them!

She will feel everything deeply and immensely, as if it were her own family.

And if it’s not something that makes it really special, I do not know what it is!

4. It forces you when you have a bar and never lets you feel sorry for yourself


She knows you have hopes and dreams. She understands how hard you have worked to achieve them.

And that’s why she’ll never let you give up when things get tough.

She will never let you pity on your fate because she knows that if you are able to dream it is that you can do it!

And with his support, hard work and perseverance, giving up will never be an option.

Neither today nor never, and she will make sure you know it.

5. She is EXCELLENT when it comes to showing you her love in the most random (and yet most necessary) moments!


She has a way of doing things that makes her so easy to read all your moods. You may not tell him that you are going through something, but she will know it.

And at that moment, she will make sure that you are filled with love and affection.

She will send you a text message in the day with something too cute and she will pick you up after work to take you to your favorite place.

She will cook your favorite dish and bring you dessert in bed! All you will need to become yourself again – she will take care of it!

6. She never plays games (she says things as they are)


One of the coolest things about her is that she will never make you guess what she wants and feels.

She will always tell you what it is, good or bad. If she feels bad, she’ll tell you. If she’s angry, you’ll know it!

But one thing she will NEVER do is play mind games.

Why waste time with such childish behavior, when honesty makes everything better?

Therefore, with her, you will never have to worry about your situation. She will always make sure she is 100 percent honest.

7. She will defend you in your absence


She will be angry with you in front and will act accordingly. But when you’re not here, she’ll cover you anytime.

If she hears someone slander your name, she will make sure to tell them how wrong they are.

If anyone wants to try to betray you behind their back, she will warn you to be suspicious.

Whenever someone has bad intentions you are not aware of, she will protect you fiercely and never let anyone make the same mistake twice.

Because that’s what couples do. They can argue privately, but they protect each other in public.

And they make sure everyone is aware that this is so. With this girl, you can be sure of never being dubbed.

She will be there for you, as long as you are there for her.

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