Invest in your marriage, it will pay off. Because the longer you are with your partner, the lower the chance of a divorce

Invest in your relationship: it’s worth it!

One study questions the new “trend” that more and more older couples are separating or divorcing. Because the statistics that were worked out for the wedding foundation “think-tank” show that the longer a couple is together, the less likely they are to separate . The first decade of marriage is the hardest to get through. While one in four couples split up for newlyweds, only one in 1,500 couples get divorced for married couples who reach their golden wedding anniversary.

“Every year that a couple spends maintaining and working on their relationship, it becomes easier to stay together,” he explains. The study, which is based on the Office for National Statistics, found that in a ten-year relationship every fourth couple breaks up, after 20 years every eighth and after 30 years every 25th couple. After 50 years, only one pair out of 1,500 can be divorced.

The founder of the wedding Foundation and former family court judge Sir Paul Coleridge said: “After 10 years, the risk of divorce from year to year significantly lower This is good news, it shows that this.. In the long run is worthwhile to invest in the marriage . ”


Divorce risk decreases with every year of marriage

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