Depending On The Zodiac Sign – These Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

Depending On The Zodiac Sign – These Opposites Attract

The fact that you are on this portal and reading this text means you are already familiar with the zodiac. But it can also mean that you are here for entertainment and are not familiar with precise definitions. Both variants are fine. Therefore, I will first briefly explain what the opposites are.

What are opposites?

Just like in life, there are also opposites in the horoscope. These zodiac signs are diametrically opposed, meaning they are 180 degrees apart. These pairs are, for example, Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, and so on.

This is nothing new, and most of us know these couples exist. Almost all articles say that these zodiac signs dress like crazy, even though they have completely different personalities. But that is not always the case in practice.

Some things are true and you will read about them here. There are zodiac pairs that are a good match both on paper and in real life. But not all.

From my personal experience, I have yet to meet a Taurus-Scorpio or Gemini-Sagittarius pair. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but they are rather unusual. Or at least not available in my environment.

Which typical opposites are a good combination and why?

The first example that comes to mind is Aries and Libra. This combination is very common and I think it works great. The air-fire combinations are usually very compatible due to their natural properties.

It works best when the woman is Aries and the man is Libra. She will retain her fiery nature but also balance it beautifully. That’s because he knows when to warm them up and when to cool them down. The Libra man can easily become passive or antisocial, and his Aries girlfriend can help him with that. Her adventurous nature enjoys going out, partying, and entertaining, but so does her man.

She can give him the warmth that can change him in relation to other people. These influences are usually very positive if they motivate him to be nicer and more polite to other people.

Another typically opposite but beautiful combination is Leo-Aquarius. But it is best if the man is Aquarius and the woman is Leo. Since Aquarius is considered cool and callous, the Leo woman can heat him up and ignite a sparkle in him.

On the other hand, Aquarius can be a bit promiscuous, and the Leo woman cannot afford that. She will aggressively defend her territory and everyone will know not to interfere.
This behavior is understood by Aquarians as a declaration of love, and this is very pleasant for them.

If I think about it a little more, it occurs to me that Virgo-Pisces, while typical, can also be a nice option. Especially if Virgo is female and Pisces is male.

This is a gentle relationship, with a lot of empathy and deep understanding. She can also be very passionate, to the delight of both parties, but they lack healthy and open communication. In this way, they could get to know and understand their wishes, dreams, and expectations of each other better.

It is precisely for this reason that they can rarely have a long-term relationship with each other.

The non-stereotypical combinations, but which go well together

Cancer and Scorpio

Perhaps this is a rather unspectacular option since both signs preserve the water element. They are emotional, but in different ways, which is also easy to combine.

They get along well and like to feel emotionally secure. The two will prefer to stay home under the covers and watch a good movie or even a cartoon on Saturday nights than dance around a club.

It works better if the woman is Scorpio, but vice versa isn’t bad either. If the Cancer man wants his girlfriend to lead and he wants him to relax, they’re a good match. This means that the Scorpio woman needs to be comfortable with a slightly more emotional partner. None of this would be difficult if they know that they are sure of their love.

Taurus and Capricorn

This is a logical, stable combination that I like. Because the two zodiac signs are strongly focused on their careers and making money. Feelings don’t get in your way, and they’re hard to change. That’s why it often happens that they find each other quite early in life, but then find that they get along well and will stay that way forever. Because change isn’t her thing, and that doesn’t just apply to her traits, but also to change partners.

You may encounter problems when it comes to raising children. Here, as a rule, there are big differences between their views and perspectives, so they should really try to find a common language. If they overcome that, they can expect a long-term relationship.

Gemini and Sagittarius

You should not try to build a serious relationship with each other. It would be better not to start anything at all. Gemini is fickle and uncatchable. On the other hand, Sagittarians are adventurous and freedom-loving. Maybe if they met once a month they could be together. Because they have too much chaos in their minds and then also in their lives.

The two zodiac signs can be genuine with almost anyone and anyone. I heartily recommend they find their own sign (maybe Aquarius would also suit both) and try to tolerate and understand each other. Because they know best how difficult it actually is.


It doesn’t matter what zodiac sign we are, but how patient and dedicated we are to working on our relationship and on ourselves. Any relationship can experience both great success and great failure. It is only good to know which zodiac signs we are compatible with and which ones we should actually avoid so that our life and the search for the perfect partner can go more smoothly.

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