Often mentioned in Hollywood novels and films, the concept of soulmates is not foreign to us. What if we give a definition of soulmates  in this article?

According to Buddhist tradition , souls are reincarnated as and when lives. We are often confronted with people we have known in past lives. The soulmates are part of it. We know them well. In most cases, they were close people, our family, our friends or lovers. The connection between souls is very powerful! Simply note that unlike twin flames, we have a multitude of souls. This is called our family of souls.




  • definition of sister souls: number 1

    Soul Recognition – very strong feeling to know each other forever and to be predestined. As mentioned before, soul mates are numerous and it’s always a chance to meet one on our way. They are there to support us in difficult times and help us fulfill our life mission ie the reason we are present on earth. I want to say that separation from a soul mate (death for example) can be devastating. We are in a great depression for most cases on the verge of madness. But what is reassuring is that the energy cord that binds us to our soulmate is never broken which means that we are always connected. Death does not escape this rule.

  • definition of sister souls: number 2

    She is here to guide us on our earthly path. The phrase “to life to death” applies well here. Sister souls never really leave us. A bond unites us eternally. If we return to the definition of souls sisters: they are spiritual guides. Maybe at some point in your life you felt lost. And there a soulmate appears. This is a real gift from the universe that we must cherish because we do not have many.

  • definition of soulmates: number 3

    Love. Sister souls love each other deeply and reciprocally. This may be filial love, friendly love or great love. A soulmate will never let you down. And if there is a break, you will still not find yourself.

  • definition of sister souls: number 4

    Another definition of souls? It appears when you need it most and it will lift your vibrations. Your vibratory rates are generally similar and very high. It is thanks to this vibratory rate kept very high that the relation can continue. If you are in separation from your soulmate, always be sure to keep a high vibratory rate. See our articles on good vibrations here .

  • definition of sister souls: number 5

    You have the same energy signature. Did you know that the soul is moved by yin and yang energy ? That said, we still have a dominant yin or yang. And your soulmate shares the same signature. That’s why you get along so well. Everything seems to bind you, you understand perfectly, you are in osmosis. Unlike twin flames that complement each other, sister souls are very similar.

  • definition of sister souls: number 6
    There would be no definition of soul mates without the notion of mission of life. You have missions of similar lives and even in some cases a mission of common life. Do not miss it too bad! Meditate with your soulmate and ask your guides about the nature of this mission to better accomplish it!

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