As we are close to bidding goodbye to this year, we also reminisce about the old times when we thought we were not strong enough to survive but we eventually did. How our year turns out to be has a lot to do with the people who we are surrounded with. We might look forward to receiving various blessings through the new year but there’s one thing that tops the list of most people – unconditional love. Love is definitely something that keeps us going through the thick and thin of life but what we really want is someone who would express it to us without holding anything back.

The little moments of hand-holding, hugging, reassuring that they are there for us by doing something thoughtful, helps us believe in the beauty of life and how it is worth fighting for despite ups and downs. To top it all off, December is considered one of the most romantic months when people let their emotions out without inhibitions and let their passion do the talking. This December, some zodiac signs will go out of their way to express their love romantically. According to Elite Daily, Red-hot Mars will work at its fullest potential this month when it will be in the sign of Scorpio, so passions will be running high.

Here are some of the zodiac signs who will have a December full of love and romance.

1. Leo

You are known to be warm, caring, and also flirtatious. Not just that, you are loyal and leave no stones unturned to let your partner know what they mean to you. You also go out of your way to impress your partner with loving actions and words full of praise. When it comes to love, you are passionate and intense. December is your favorite month and during this time you let your creativity, romance, and individuality soar high. With both the sun and Mercury activated, you’ll be feeling as confident and uninhibited as ever this December. Therefore, you will express your love for your partner in the most passionate and romantic ways. You will add a lot of charm and intimacy in your relationship and never leave them by themselves this winter season.

Single Leos – you will finally gather the courage to reveal your feelings to their crushes and make them believe that you are the perfect one for them. With your ever-increasing confidence and charm, and passion, you could be able to convince them that you are not someone who fakes love, instead, does everything possible to keep the love that they have earned.

2. Virgo

Many of us would agree that there is nothing more attractive than faithfulness. With a Virgo, you will get just that and even more. You are compassionate, supportive, and most of all you are faithful. You put all your energies and love into one person and never shy away from showing it with all your heart. This December all your qualities will magnify and show its full potential. You will be more confident and romantic than ever. The feelings that you had kept hidden all these years will finally see an outlet and you will make your partner feel more loved and cared than ever. You will also feel particularly expressive and romantic this month. Therefore, this will be the best time for you to rekindle the spark if it had been dwindling. You will also make many first moves this year which will end up in your partner falling more passionately for you. From making coffee to cooking them their favorite dinner; this month you will be in your way to express your love.

Single Virgos – You will feel extra passionate and expressive, which might be a little over the board but you are mature enough to check it and channelize your real romantic side which could help you in finding the right match. Also, you will try to stay away from casual relationships and seek a real bond.

3. Capricorn

This December, you will be governed by Venus. Venus is the planet of love, passion, and pleasure. Therefore, this month you are not going to hold your emotions back. You will do everything to resolve any difference that you had with your partner and make it up to them with sheer passion and romance. By the middle of the month, you will really want to shake things up in the romance department and let your gestures do the talking. You will also start expressing your desires more openly and respect your partner’s. As widely known, you are committed and loyal. When you express your love you are honest about it, you do not know how to fake feeling and once you commit you will never back off.

Single Capricorns – you will be more receptive this winter season. You will not suppress your desires, instead, you will face them and leave the door open for the right match.


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