Dear Sign: If It Doesn’t Show You Off, It Doesn’t Deserve You

It Doesn't Deserve You

Dear Sign: If It Doesn’t Show You Off, It Doesn’t Deserve You

Do not fool yourself: no matter how much they tell you that they love you, if they do not show it, it is not worth it. It is that simple and easy. You cannot keep less than what you deserve. You know very well that the components for a relationship to work are love, honesty, and respect. But above all, there must be admiration. And this admiration is what we see in the eyes of those who love us when they are more than happy to go everywhere with us and are proud to share their lives with us. So, dear sign: if it doesn’t show you off, it doesn’t deserve you.


Aries, you are the most fun, and cheerful and you stand out above the rest on many occasions. It is true that you should trust yourself a little more, but this is not a reason why they should stop admiring you. If your partner is uncomfortable with or embarrassed by, your spontaneous ways, walk away from them: you are wasting your time. 


Sometimes you go too far with righteousness, but this does not mean that your partner should hide from others. Likewise, you can become the most pessimistic on some occasions; even so, this does not mean that you are not right in a good percentage of cases. You must not give in to the wishes of others or change this way of being so special. No one, but no one, deserves this change. We assure you.


Your duality makes you unique. That sometimes you lose the pot, we know. However, it is part of your awesomeness. Thanks to this you can better understand those close to you, those who need you. Therefore, you should never be ashamed of this part of you, but you should enjoy it and exploit it to the fullest. 


Your daily life is what characterizes you. You love home, you love having everything in its place and it annoys you, sovereignly, when someone arrives who wants to change everything. Also, you feel all the emotions much more and this leads you to act like a lunatic from time to time. But, precisely, this is the quality that your partner should boast about. There are no two like you and you know it. I should know it. If not, this is not your place. 


You shine, okay? You stand out wherever you go. We know. You are strong, with great charisma, but this can be a problem for certain people. And, if one of them is your partner, we recommend that you give her a passport quickly. Many would be proud to be with someone who turns heads. Being able to say “what you admire so much is mine and no one else’s” should be the maximum expression of your partner. 


You have a huge heart: you care about others without limits. You are charismatic, reflective, and analytical. But above all, you always bring out the best in those around you. When your partner sees a problem in this, we already tell you that this is not your place. Your partner should take your side and value everything you do for others. To value, in short, this great heart that does not fit in your chest. 


Libra, you never say anything to satisfy others. It will cost you more or less, but you always know how to rise to the occasion. You are elegant and sensual. And if your partner is not afraid of losing all this, the best thing you can do is send them for a walk. We already tell you that there are millions of people who die to be by your side.


As much as it costs you to be affectionate, you show every day how much you love your partner. But, believe it or not, you need the same. Also, you need to feel valued and motivated. You need a person with whom to share and grow, learn and mature. If your partner does not know how to see all the good things you have and this need for evolution, they are not the love of your life. Nor will it be. You know very well that people do not change. 


They can label you as irresponsible, but also as a person who knows how to live life. Your partner should know that you care much more than it seems and should be the first person to stand up for you. Sagi, if your partner uses these “criticisms” to profit, this relationship will never bring you anything new. It will just suck you up and drain all your energy and then just go away. Stop it before it’s too late. 


Capri, you tend to analyze everyone you meet in life and know how to see when there are good intentions and when they are not. And you have it very clear: what does not fit you or when you see something strange, you walk away. Your partner should trust you a little more in this regard and not attack you when you want to get away from what can hurt you. You should admire this ability and brag about it; presume to be with a person who can avoid problems.


Aquarius, you don’t need anyone or anything. If you are with someone, you are because you want to. So why do you let your partner feel bad about your bohemian lifestyle, about your extravagance? Oh no, leave this person out! Not validating what makes you different, and very different, from others is reason enough to send this person for a walk who, over time, will only seek to mold you to their tastes.


Pisces, your romanticism is something that makes you special, and different. And whoever can’t see it has no space in their life. It is true that your expectations may be somewhat unrealistic, but you know well how to make your partner feel special. You make it shine, you make it stand out, and, above all, you do show it off. So why be with someone with whom this admiration is not mutual?

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