Dear Sign: I Want To See You Shut Up And Meet Your Goals

Dear Sign: I Want To See You Shut Up And Meet Your Goals

I love when this part of your life comes where you always put yourself ahead. After so many falls you learned to show your face, you no longer run away from your emotions and you are responsible for each of your actions. You are doing very well, now you handle much better situations in which in the past things did not go well for you. You have learned to value and love yourself. Dear sign: I want to see you shut up your mouths and meet your goals. 


Look at you, your mind is immense, curious, it’s the one that already understood that saying what you want and what you don’t, gives you peace. You are the inspiration of many, but more yours. Every time you look in the mirror you find new strength. That is what makes you a unique, brave, and brilliant sign. Never lose your desire to be great in every way. Your soul can with any bad streak, do not hesitate. 


The moment of self-acceptance has come, how nice it is to see you so full of peace. You are a being who shows compassion and care for the people you love. You have proven to be stable, strong, and resistant, because no matter how many setbacks you have had, in the end, you always get up. Inside you lives a warrior that no one can defeat. That’s what will make you achieve anything, don’t forget it.


Never again allow someone to tell you that you can’t and if they do, ignore them, let them swallow their own words. You are an ardent, social being, with an adventurous soul, you can conquer every corner of the world if you put your mind to it. It is your passion that keeps you grounded in the midst of chaos. Please, Gemini, appreciate your essence, you deserve recognition. It’s not selfish, it’s accepting that you’re moving forward.


Although the past has not been very kind to your emotions, today you would not change anything about your path. You have become an unrecognizable being, it is your confidence that is perceived from a distance. Finally, you understood that if you give yourself the love and attention that you give to others, your qualities stand out twice. You must be very proud of yourself because you haven’t lost your kindness.


Let me tell you that no one is you and that is precisely what fills you with light. Leo, there are many times when you have felt like throwing in the towel, but your cunning has picked you up again. Inside you lives a force that can bring down anyone. It’s not arrogance, it’s that you’re tired of pretending what you’re not. You know that you are enough and deserve the best.


There are many times that you have been told to stop, to settle, that you don’t need this and that. However, you have your goals well established and you are not willing to listen to anyone. Your mind is brilliant, always one step ahead and you no longer have time to doubt yourself. If something doesn’t work, you drop it, but if you keep working on something else, you’re invincible.


The most beautiful thing you have learned throughout this life, Libra, is that for everything to go well you have to fall in love with yourself first. You are an extraordinary being, full of so many virtues, always in search of peace and using kindness in your favor. Although they have wanted to dirty your sensitivity, you have not allowed it, on the contrary, you became braver. No one is going to mess with you anymore. 


There were so many years in which you reproached yourself over and over again, that you got tired. Scorpio, it wasn’t easy because you insisted on meeting people’s expectations, but you finally understood that what matters is what you feel. Your self-esteem has taken giant steps, you know that you are worth a lot to settle for people who don’t know what they want. If someone takes more from you than he gives you, let him go.


The way in which life told you that you are your priority, was when you realized that you cannot solve others, while you are falling apart. That lesson changed the way you act, now you know that your thoughts matter and that listening to yourself is the main thing. If you are well, you can help, there is no more. Keep being that explorer, brave and charming person.


For a long time, the comparison became part of your daily life. Capri, you felt frustrated for not reaching where others arrived. However, you discovered that you have your process and that the one next door is not your competition. It is with yourself, you have to work every day to become a better human being. Do you realize? You have advanced too much Capricorn, your self-esteem does not let you go. 


It was very hard to wake up because you understood that there are people who are very close to you, but not to do you good. Their goal is to dull your gait and let go of the hurt. However, every day you feel more liberated, doing what you like, without prejudice. The worries are going away because you are listening to what your heart tells you and nothing else. Life becomes more beautiful when you realize that you are your priority. 


You are the spirit that has survived a lot of shaking, but you are still going strong. No matter how rocky the road is, you don’t stop. Your soul is so deep that many took advantage of it, but not anymore. You let go of your old version and it’s time to see you undertake in every way. Do not be afraid, if your intuition tells you that it is there, pay attention to it. You have already gotten up from many bad streaks, nothing will happen. 


Dear Sign: I Want To See You Shut Up And Meet Your Goals

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