You simply cannot support a sticky or needy partner because you are extremely independent and enjoy living your life outside of the relationship. You also like to have your own space and freedom, so you cannot tolerate being with someone who suffocates you even if it suffocates you with love.


Lack of respect. You have too much pride and too high standards, so anyone who disrespects you will be automatically excluded from your life. No matter how much you love this person, you will never look at them the same way again if you are disrespectful, even joking.


Detachment. You cannot be with someone anti-social because you are fulfilling in your active social life, and it is practically your lifestyle every day. You have many friends and acquaintances and you need a partner who can cope with this type of social pressure. Not all hostile or overly calm children match your sociable personality


Confidentiality. You cannot be with a type of guy who is reserved and who does not tell you his things, like what he hears or feels, you want to be able to talk to your partner and help him if he is going through a difficult time, you don’t want me to hide a secret from you. Someone who does not open up to you will not be able to give you a strong emotional connection you desire.


Shyness. You are the centre of attention, and even if you can’t be with someone who steals the show, you can’t even be with someone who doesn’t even try. For you, it all depends on the confidence and security you have of yourself and you want a partner who can test you in one way or another. If you are with someone who is shy or reserved, you will feel that there is no excitement or fire in the relationship, unlike someone who is a little more daring.


Have no ambitions. For you, the most important is your career, your success. You want a partner who is on your wavelength and who understands your goals and dreams, but who also has his own. Having a passive or unambitious partner will always make you feel that something important is missing in your connection and in your daily conversations because that is mainly what you like to talk about.


Negativity. You are a positive person and you always think that tomorrow will be a better day. This is why you cannot support a negative partner or someone dramatic. You like being surrounded by good vibrations and good energy, so being with someone who drains you is out of the question for you.


Lie. You can accept all the faults of your partner except the lie. For you, the lie is the drop that overflows the vase and probably the quickest way to lose yourself, even if it was an innocent lie, you appreciate honesty and transparency and you will never forgive your partner he was lying to you.


Laziness. You cannot be with a lazy partner, you are always travelling and looking for the next adventure or the next city to visit, if your partner could not follow you, you would probably still do all of these things even without him. So it is best for you to find an equally energetic person to complement your hectic lifestyle.


Irresponsibility. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t know how to be responsible or someone who doesn’t know what they want. You know what you want and you always get it, and you want someone to take care of you because you always take care of everyone. This is why an irresponsible partner rejects you because you will always have the impression that you are the one who takes care of both.


Convenience. How can you talk about your original ideas and dreams when you have a real partner? You are unconventional, rebellious and somewhat bizarre and you cannot be with someone pragmatic or someone who does not encourage your creative streak. You need someone who can dream with you and support your wildest dreams even if they don’t understand them.


Insensitivity. You are very sensitive and emotional even if you try to show the opposite. Being with someone who is careless or doesn’t care about your feelings is reason enough for you to leave. You cannot be with someone selfish, you need someone who gives you a lot and has a big heart.


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