Dating tips from 1958 – that’s how you catch a husband!

Finding the right partner has never been easy – but how do you find a man without Tinder and Co.?

In the times of Tinder, Bumble and Lovoo, it is almost impossible to find one’s prince charming – or at least a normal, nice guy. And that, although you have the whole width of the Internet at your disposal. We ask ourselves, how did women, 60 years ago, meet the man of their dreams without various apps and find their way in the wild dating jungle of their time?

Dating in 1958

In an issue of the magazine McCalls of 1958, which was uploaded by Facebook user Kim Marx-Kuczynski and has since been shared thousands of times, the then women were shown the 129 best ways to find a man suitable for marriage . Here are stacked next to a rather outdated image of women, the most curious ideas of the 1958er marriage market. We have the 12 best tips for you, a husband to find, summarized and since then can not stop laughing. And who is simply too exhausting these days, or who wants to get a little change in his swipe routine, he can try it out at the second or fifth point. But beware: If these methods are successful, then we want to know that first.

1. Check out the obituaries to see if there are any suitable widowers right now.

2. Sit on a park bench and feed the pigeons.

3. Do not be afraid to befriend pretty women, they may have a few leftovers left over.

4. Go to a new apartment every now and then.

5. Stand in the corner of a room and cry easily. The chances are high that he wants to come to you and know what’s bothering you.

6. Learn how to make really tasty apple pie and then bring it to the office. Of that then all suitable candidates may eat.

7. Take good care of yourself and your health. Men do not like sick women.

8. Find out all about the women he met in front of you but did not marry and do not repeat their mistakes.

9. Point out that the death rate of single men is twice that of married men.

10. If your mother is fat, tell him you’re after your father. If your dad is fat too, tell him you’re adopted.

11. Rent a billboard and post it on both your number, as well as your picture.

12. Do Toupets yourself and then sell them too – bald men are an easy catch.

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