Dating at the gym: 7 tips for what to do and what not

Firstly, spring is on the way, and then summer, which means you need to get in shape. And secondly, you are preparing not only for a meeting with the sea, but also for a potential meeting with your love, because the gym is the second home for the coming months, although you may already go there all the time.

Well, the gym is a place where male power is concentrated, where you can see it in all its glory. And here’s what to do and not to do in order to attract someone you like there:

1. Don’t wear too revealing clothes.

Sportswear is usually pretty revealing and tight-fitting anyway, so you don’t need to show more than you should. Otherwise, really cool sports guys will decide that you don’t take sports seriously and just come to show off.

2. But your sportswear should still be beautiful.

You don’t need to show unnecessary things, but you need to look attractive. No stretched T-shirts or old sweatpants. To spend money on a beautiful kit – so you yourself will feel more confident.

3. Do not change your visiting schedule to meet with a specific man there.

If you suddenly went to workout at an unusual time for you and met an attractive guy there, you will probably want to break your schedule again. But you don’t need to completely change him and walk at the same time as him all the time. So he may not even notice you or, on the contrary, suspect that you are pursuing him, if you show your interest at the same time. Better to appear from time to time at the same time as he.

4. Train as usual.

You don’t need to change your usual workout to get closer to the simulator. There is no need to rush to the dressing room if you see that he also went there, although you have not finished training yet. You don’t have to try to sound like a super athlete and complicate exercises to impress him. Be yourself and if you like him, he will talk to you.

5. Do not stare at him constantly, but make it clear that you are disposed towards him.

Maybe at first he will be pleased that you are looking at him, but then he will probably be uncomfortable. You can let him know that you like him: let him catch your gaze and smile once or twice. But no longer worth it.

6. Do not interfere with his training.

If you start chatting, don’t interfere with his training. Men are much more serious about sports, so even if he liked you, he came to train. An exception is if he himself is distracted by you.

7. Don’t show jealousy towards other girls.

You don’t need to run to him or sit next to him on the simulator and show how cool you are. Don’t show your jealousy if he’s hanging out with another girl at the gym. You don’t have to be obsessive and desperate.


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