Dating Aries has its good things and also it’s not so good things. Not everything is perfect, living with Aries is not living in a world full of roses, rainbows and cotton candy. Normally, when we start dating someone, we look at the good things, their virtues, what makes that person special. But we almost never go further. Dating Aries is a bad idea because it is the first sign of the Zodiac, which means that you will always want to be the first in everything.


It is quite competitive, even with the people you love. No matter what it is, you always have to win, be the first and, therefore, have the last word.

Discussing with Aries is something quite complex, something that only people with a lot of patience can come to understand.

In addition, you should also be careful with the impulsive side that it normally has. A side that can be very dangerous if you don’t know him well. Aries may surprise you good, but it can also make you bad. Maybe at the moment you least expect it, you are taking dirty rags simply because of a small misunderstanding. And be careful, because Aries is also very proud, dramatic and exaggerated.

With a small grain of sand, Aries is capable of making the largest mountain in the world.

It is one of those that simply by a small discussion, is able to block you in WhatsApp and eliminate you from your contacts. It has so much energy inside your body that sometimes it is too much. He is so strong with his ideas that it is difficult to know how to treat him. There are times when you wish Aries came with an instruction manual.


But best of all, Aries is like that and is not afraid to be himself. Aries doesn’t want a perfect relationship, he wants something real. He knows that discussions are necessary to have a healthy relationship. When you go out with Aries it is not all bad, it also has many advantages. Aries will always care about you because you always shine because you never stop smiling. He will always do everything possible to get you out of the routine and to teach you what it is to live for real. He is brave, he is not afraid of anything and thanks to that, he will transmit a lot of security to you.

Dating Aries may be a bad idea, but if you don’t, you’ll be missing something extraordinary …