It is believed that family ties are the strongest ties a person can have in their life. Whether you are a blood family or a family of choice, you hope that it will always make you feel loved and never hurt you. However, some family members can become too toxic and this is when the breakdown of the relationship may be appropriate.

They talk a lot about you

Our family is supposed to be people with whom we can share our innermost secrets, ask for good advice, or just share our joys. However, if family members spread your personal information, stay away from them or at least learn to be quiet. Keep in mind that not only your secrets must remain in the family, but also the relevant events in your life that you share with those around you: no one has the right to take the details of your personal life from where you are called home.

They judge you

Healthy criticism is good. It helps us to look at ourselves from another angle and to understand the mistakes we make. And very often it is family members who help us improve. However, if the reviews are repeated frequently, if they contain an aggressive dye and destroy their self-esteem, it is time that you eliminate these toxic people from your life.

They only look for you when they need something

A toxic family member appears in your life when there is something you can benefit from or from which you can take advantage. Once the task is completed, they will quickly disappear until the next opportunity, where they can use their “hypocritical kindness”. Do you know what happens when you need your help? You will hear tons of pretexts about why they can’t do something (if you even contact them).

They manipulate you

Healthy relationships are those in which you feel free and happy. If you still feel guilty, stressed and judged, don’t you think you don’t need that kind of relationship in your life? The manipulators will do everything in their power to keep control of you, your life and especially your attention, no matter what they have to do. When simple tricks stop working, they start to use heavy artillery that can damage mental and physical health.

They make you feel helpless

This type of manipulation technique is called “Making light gas”. People who use it tend to make their victims feel ill-qualified and incompetent, creating a self-aware person and constantly questioning your mental health and sobriety, especially when you are about to make another important decision. If you think this happens often when you communicate with family members, go ahead and cut the ties. Your spirit and psychological health will thank you in the end.

They are trying to control your life

This reason is very close to manipulation, with one exception: in this situation, it is his power that plays the main role. Often the dominant family members are so used to everyone listening to them without any objection that any attempt to go against their will is met with aggression. Sometimes he can even reach the level of harassment.

They make you feel exhausted

There are people in the world who have a unique ability to make their interlocutors feel exhausted after communicating with them. And sometimes these people can be members of your own family. If you feel a lack of energy every time you speak to this person if you feel that you are talking to a wall, if you feel that your tolerance decreases, eliminate this person from your life. Your mental health will thank you.

They keep reminding you of your past

In other words, keep rewriting stories from your past life that you may want to keep secret. It can sometimes be very painful to remind someone of their past, but family members who continue to do so even after you ask them not to do so should also stay in the past.

They stress you out completely

If your relationships with your loved ones are too stressful and create chaos in your mind and in your soul, if after an interaction with a family member, you only talk about your tiredness, it is time that you think about eliminating them from your life (or at least don’t talk too much with them).


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