Couples Who Fall Deeply In Love But Their Personalities Clash

Personalities Clash

Couples Who Fall Deeply In Love But Their Personalities Clash

Some loves are not expected, those that you know and feel like digging into the depths of that person. You fall so in love that at the moment you don’t see a single flaw and you trust that your feelings will be bigger than any barrier between the two of you. They are the couples who fall deeply in love but  their personalities clash and that’s when the problems in paradise begin: 

Aries and Cancer 

The thing about Aries and Cancer is of the moment, two desperate souls to satisfy each other in every way. However, they are like oil and water, Cancer is the one who puts home first, they call him an old soul because he gives himself unconditionally and is not afraid of commitment. However, Aries prefers to go more calmly. It may be that he throws himself into the ring at first because he is very impulsive and a lover of risk, but at the moment that the ties become present, he ends up running away, just when the emotion passes into the background. 

Taurus and Sagittarius 

A free spirit and one who enjoys the rules. The relationship between Taurus and Sagittarius seems like the perfect bubble when they barely know each other, but then the charm ends. Taurus is the one who fights for a stable bond, in which freedom and unpredictability are not well received. What goes against the adventure with which Sagittarius lives, who loves to explore and break with the conventional? You may love each other deeply, but there comes a point where your opinions don’t agree, and that’s when your relationship turns passive-aggressive. 

Pisces and Virgo 

A sensitive, romantic, and intense sign. What happens when Pisces ends up falling for Virgo’s perfection? Their relationship at the beginning is mere understanding, the two put their empathic side into practice. But…after living together for a while, things are not as rosy as they imagined. There comes a time when Virgo feels too much pressure, as if it were obligatory to express his feelings, even if it is not born to him. While Pisces lives offended because he feels that they do not value everything he gives for the relationship. 

Aquarius and Leo 

One of the couples who fall deeply in love but whose personalities clash is that of Aquarius and Leo, they are the two opposites that attract each other physically, mentally, and emotionally from the first moment they see each other. What they have in common is that they are both very independent and always looking for ways to excel in all aspects. They are not one of those who settle for crumbs. However, when the flame of infatuation begins to go out, Leo shows his demanding side of him, it is a sign that enjoys attention and his way of being can be somewhat cloying for Aquarius. That’s when the end comes. 

Capricorn and Gemini 

Opposites attract and the Capricorn and Gemini relationship proves it. They are the ones who live between war and love, but the bond is so strong that they do not leave each other. Capricorn is very firm, he has a traditional side that prevents him from jumping into relationships just because he does. He is always looking for stability, but… Gemini goes against the rules, he is liberal and changeable. What happened in his life has already been, he focuses on the present and that is why he does not waste time on ties. Capricorn feels that he doesn’t commit and wants to say goodbye, but he can’t always. 

Libra and Scorpio 

Libra and Scorpio, a bond that honors the passionate, the intense, and the emotional. At first, it may seem like they are going to last a lifetime because you can tell how passionately they love each other and how much they smile when they are around each other. However, there comes a time when Scorpio can’t handle the liberal way in which Libra goes through life. It’s not that she doesn’t want him to fly, it’s that her insecurities are present and she feels that they are going to change him for someone else. That’s when she can start a toxic bond. 

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