Imagine that you meet someone and you know what the possibility exists that they will tear you apart, speaking in sentimental terms. Well, science doesn’t go that far yet, but astrology does help us a bit with sign compatibility and there are some sign pairs that are more likely to end up with a broken heart. Let’s say their personalities are worse than the collision of two planets, so only a few make it.

Falling in love is a double-edged sword, it has the gift of making you climb to the stars, but once it happens you find yourself with the wall of your life. It seems that no matter how hard you try, it turns out that when the charm goes away, you and your partner are like oil and water . Talking about a simple topic ends in the worst of arguments and the atmosphere becomes tense.

Sign pairs that are more likely to end up with a broken heart

Astrology is on your side, before you finish giving your fears, your dreams, your sorrows and secrets, to someone, it is worth taking a look at the following list. Maybe it’s not you, or the other person, maybe it’s their signs that they just don’t have anything in common. Let’s see:

💔 Capricorn and Aries 

The encounter between fire and Earth, when Aries and Capricorn decide to start a relationship is like having a time bomb. Capricorn is a sign that enjoys methods, is a perfectionist and work is part of its attributes. While Aries is a perfect rebel, they do not like rules or ties, they also want attention and Capricorn cannot always give it to them. They collide because one wants to improvise and the other doesn’t. 

💔  Taurus and Sagittarius 

Without a doubt, we could say that Sagittarius and Taurus are like water and oil . They have a very different way of asking for what they want. For its part, Taurus is a very empathetic sign, think twice before saying something that hurts the other. Contrary to Sagittarius, they are signs that simply let themselves go, they say things as they go, without thinking much about the consequences, excessively honest and that can make Taurus feel hurt.

💔 Gemini and Scorpio 

Spooky! I’m serious, brave is that Scorpio who decides to unite his life with Gemini, because all he will do is watch their worlds burn. We are talking about the most fearsome signs of the zodiac. At first it can be a passionate relationship but once Gemini shows their fickle side it will make Scorpio tough and very assertive. Scorpio is very demanding and when he wants to be right he does not touch his heart. Gemini is certainly not far behind, so their discussions are epic.

💔 Cancer and Aquarius 

A not recommended combination, to unite the heart of a Cancer with an Aquarius . Cancer is synonymous with warmth, home, and stability. While Aquarius is the sign that is happy where it is least in your home. What can alter the emotional part of Cancer, when something hurts them they take it to heart and Aquarius takes it unnoticed, because they minimize many things. They are sensitive but very different.

💔 Leo and Pisces 

Oh Pisces , bless your sweetness in relationships, but sometimes your dreamy way of loving can overwhelm some couples. Such is the case of Leo, a fiery sign that can drown Pisces when they least think about it. We are talking about a demanding person, who does not care much what people say. While Pisces analyzes every word and feels it, it cannot pretend that nothing is wrong.

💔 Virgo and Libra 

Another odd couple is Virgo and Libra . Their personalities don’t match most of the time. Virgo is a sign that strives to show that it knows everything , which can be a topic of discussion for Libra, because they question everything. So he tests Virgo’s ego. Not to mention that they are very outgoing signs, they like to mark territory and stand out, which can even cause envy in the relationship.


Couples Of Signs That Are More Likely Of Ending With A Broken Heart

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